What are Paola Reina Dolls, you ask?   They are dolls made in Spain who are coming to North and South America for your enjoyment.  Paola Reina has been in business since 1994 and are totally manufactured in Spain and are now being distributed by Paola Reina America.   They carry various sizes dolls but we will be covering two sizes: 23.6 inches and 16 inches.

Las Reinas de Paola (The Queens of Paola)  are 23.6 inches and can be posed very easily because they are articulated! They are an all vinyl doll with angelic faces.

Two of my favorites are Marta dressed in a beautiful winter outfit and Alma who is new for 2014.

These dolls have 11 points of articulation.  The head turns around but does not tilt down.

Here is a close up of Alma who was being raffled off to a lucky winner.  She has blue eyes and blonde hair. The detail of her dress and boots are amazing.  Her hair and eyes are of the best material.  Outfits and shoes are also available for this size doll.

This is Marta, she is also very beautiful and has amazing strawberry wavy hair.  Her eye color is so unique, it is a light brown color, which compliments her hair so well.

A better look at other dolls available by Paola Reina dolls.

The 16 inch dolls are named “Soy Tu”  (I am you).  This is Emma, again the detail of the outfit is amazing.  She has sleepy eyes and is all vinyl.  She has the typical 5 joints.

Soy Tu dolls come in many different combinations of hair and eye color.  If you are interested in a more detailed up close look check out the post Maxine did on her My Doll Best Friend blog.

Paola Reina will be working on developing an 18″ doll in the future but for now, these gorgeous dolls are available on the USA website:   www.paolareinaamerica.com.

What a wonderful opportunity the North and South America  doll lovers now have to be able to add these dolls to our collection.