Last year when I visited the Tonner Doll booth at Toy Fair (2012 report), I was so excited to see their new City Girls line, the Little Miss Matched Girls and the quirky but cute, Maudlynne. This year it was fun to check in with the Tonner team again (Robert, Jason, Jack and Joanne) and see what they have planned for this year.  While they had half of their booth dedicated to the Tonner Toys and the other half dedicated to their collectible line, I only got good photos of the Tonner Toys half.  

Tonner Toys City Girls 2013

In 2013 we will see new fashion packs and new combinations for the City Girls – the beginning collector line from Tonner Doll offshoot, Tonner Toys. Billy, Astor, Brook Lyn and Houston will all get new fashion packs and Billy will be available in a deluxe set (the peach dress in the back) but her exact hair coloring is still to be determined. I would not expect to see the new items until the second half of the year. 

Personally the orange outfit is my favorite! The pants are perfectly cropped right above the ankle for a casual, but polished look! The other outfit I really liked, but my photo of it was blurred, is the outfit in the back with the coat and the very stylish red purse. I think what I like the most about the City Girls clothes is that they are realistic – as in something I can see a young professional woman wearing – yet they are fresh.

Tonner Toys City Girls 2013

These are some of the City Girls line that you have already seen on Doll Diaries and are currently available for sale at and 

Originally the City Girls were supposed to be packaged with a doll stand. I asked Jason Reilly about this and he said that adding the doll stand became cost prohibitive and that most doll stands for 14-16′ dolls will work just fine with them. 

Tonner Toys Maudlynne

Maudlynne, the quirky, quiet, little girl who lives in a Victorian mansion and has a ghost for a friend, was on display. They are working on some fashion packs for Maudlynne, like the black and white dress, a retro bathing suit and a few other items that may or may not be available this year.

Tonner Toys Maudlynne Victoria

This is the prototype of Victoria – Maudlynne’s best friend. Victoria is a ghost, which explains the white lacy gown and light blonde hair. One of the reasons we have not seen Victoria go into production yet is that designer Jason Reilly wants to give Victoria a more ghostly appearance. They are thinking of a more translucent vinyl or something along those lines – something to make her a little more different.

Tonner Toys Maudlynne

You can see Jason pointing to Victoria’s leg as he was explaining to me his concept of using a more translucent material for Victoria.

What do you think of her? What about the new clothes for Maudlynne?

And what about the Little Miss Matched Girls? Unfortunately the Little Miss Matched dolls have been retired ;-( You can still find some of the collection on clearance at Toys R Us, on the Little Miss Matched website and probably on Ebay, too.

And in case you didn’t see it when I posted before, I took Taxi! Billy to New York with us and she checked out the sites, too. She also was lucky enough to get some new ink in the form of signatures from Jason Reilly and Robert Tonner while we were there. They are just the nicest group to work with and I am so happy I was able to see them again!

Stay tuned for more Toy Fair 2013 reports – I am trying to get a lot of them posted for you today!