Toy Fair 2013 Report – La Dee Da Dolls

As you know, we just love the little 12″ dolls by Spin Master known as La Dee Da! La Dee Da dolls are based on fashion adventures of 4 friends – Dee, Tylie, Sloane, Cyanne and their dog Le Bun. They are creative, bright, and affordable. They are poseable, not afraid of change and ambitious (if a doll could be ambitious). I had a lot of fun visiting the Spin Master showroom at Toy Fair and checking out what is new for La Dee Da as well as being introduced to two new lines which I will cover separately.

La Dee Da Garden Party

This first photo is from the Garden Tea Party collection that is already available in stores. From left to right out of the box we have: Tylie as Ladybug Look, Sloane as Butterfly Blast, and Dee as Bee-Licious.

La Dee Da Garden Tea Party

Also from Garden Tea Party, Cyanne as Sunflower Burst. I just love her skirt!

The line is being expanded to include sketch books, activity sets, and accessories for girls, too.

La Dee Da Fairytale Dance

A new grouping for the summer/fall is called Fairy Tale Dance – with each girl taking a cue from a famous fairy tale character – for example – Cyanne as Rapunzel.

I’m thinking Cinderella in the blue is mighty cute!

La Dee Da Fairytale Dance horse

And what is a fairytale without a horse? The Fairytale Dance collection will include a horse to pamper and decorate too.

La Dee Da Juicy Crush

The popular Juicy Crush collection will be back in the fall with a new look. If you have the current Juicy Crush line, you will be able to add to it with refreshed dee-signs.

Isn’t the tropical dress the cutest with the banana detail in the hem line?

La Dee Da School Day Style

For back to school 2013, Dee in School Day Style. While this is not my favorite La Dee Da outfit, the packaging is original – like an alarm clock – and her little purse is too much fun.! The winking worm coming out of the apple purse is such a fun little detail.

Here is Le Bun in his bumble bee costume that is part of the Garden Party line.

So, what do you think of the new La Dee Da sets for this year? The team behind La Dee Da are just so creative and the details are well thought out – I wouldn’t be surprised if they sneak in another new line for this year, too.

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  1. bailey says:

    I want all of the fairytale dance dolls!!!!!!!

  2. Avery says:

    Char, since they are making new juicy crush dolls, dolls that mean they are getting rid of the old ones?

  3. Reece says:

    One more thought:
    It’s super cool that each doll is so different. Like City Dee and Garden Dee look like whole new characters! Like all barbies are very reminescent and Monster High versions of each character (picture day Draculaura vs Basic) are similar. But these dolls are super different. Pretty cool. I am so tempted to order Sloanne as the butterfly right now but must wait… GRRR

  4. Gail says:

    I got Slaone a Lollipop Swirl! she is just the cutest! She even has little freckles that just add to the cuteness!

  5. Gail says:


  6. bailey says:

    Gail- I have her too!! i got her in november/october and now her hair is kind of frizzy :-(

  7. Gail says:

    ^oh dear! im sure u can fix that! isnt she just the cutest?

  8. Julia says:

    Pretty Irish AG, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. keely says:

    i ment chirstmas money XD

  10. Keely and Cecilia says:

    Keely- I’m in the prince in the pauper so I should be getting dee when I see her

  11. keely says:

    i need ribon hair dee she is over prancy in the set up.

  12. Keely and Cecilia says:

    It is snow queen not Cinderella!