The French doll company, Corolle, is always a showroom I want to see at Toy Fair! My older daughter’s very first doll was a Corolle doll and they will always have a special place in my heart.  If you have not held a Corolle doll, you really must at some point – each Corolle doll has their signature vanilla scent that stays with them forever. Corolle has quite a few different doll ranges from fabric dolls for newborns on up to their Les Cheries fashion dolls which I just love.

The Corolle Le Cheries line are sweet 13″ fashion dolls who can share clothes with Hearts for Hearts Girls. The new Paris collection includes new fashions –  from left to right – Les Cheries Cecile in her Tour Eiffel Tower outfit, Clara en Ville and Camille en Vacances.

A closer look at Clara – what a beautiful shade of red hair! The Corolle dolls have much smaller eyes than many other lines which makes their faces look “angry” to some, but I think they are very sweet.

Les Cheries in their boxes – from left to right – Camille en Vacances, Chloe au Palais Royal and Camille l’Universite.

Camille and Chloe as ballerinas.

The Corolle Mademoiselle line are 14″ dolls for the younger set (like Bitty Baby audience) – Vanilla Blonde is in pink and Vanilla Brunette is in blue.

I just ADORE the 6″ mini Corolline dolls – must. get. one. or two!  The brunette is just so cute!

The Coquette line are 14″ dolls with bodies that are somewhere between the Mademoiselle soft bodies and the slim Les Cheries bodies.  The Coquette dolls are actually more expensive than the Le Cheries. Coquette retails for $74 and Les Cheries are $50.

Emma (pink) and Paul (blue) are classic Corolle play baby dolls – they drink water, wet, and are designed for the bath tub.

These two cuties are for little ones who are ready for their first hair play dolls. They come with a nice oversized brush and their hair is long enough to brush and style but not too long where it will tangle a lot. So sweet!

Some new outfits for their various lines. I love the little stripey outfit on the top row with the gold Eiffel Tower embroidered on the chest.

Oh, to be at the beach right now!! Dolls from the Mon Premier Corolle line – 12″ dolls for ages 18 months and up – are just so hard to resist!

You can find Corolle dolls at FAO, Amazon and many specialty toy stores. They are extremely high quality, classic dolls that make great gifts.