Toy Fair 2013 Report – Corolle Dolls

The French doll company, Corolle, is always a showroom I want to see at Toy Fair! My older daughter’s very first doll was a Corolle doll and they will always have a special place in my heart.  If you have not held a Corolle doll, you really must at some point – each Corolle doll has their signature vanilla scent that stays with them forever. Corolle has quite a few different doll ranges from fabric dolls for newborns on up to their Les Cheries fashion dolls which I just love.

The Corolle Le Cheries line are sweet 13″ fashion dolls who can share clothes with Hearts for Hearts Girls. The new Paris collection includes new fashions –  from left to right – Les Cheries Cecile in her Tour Eiffel Tower outfit, Clara en Ville and Camille en Vacances.

A closer look at Clara – what a beautiful shade of red hair! The Corolle dolls have much smaller eyes than many other lines which makes their faces look “angry” to some, but I think they are very sweet.

Les Cheries in their boxes – from left to right – Camille en Vacances, Chloe au Palais Royal and Camille l’Universite.

Camille and Chloe as ballerinas.

The Corolle Mademoiselle line are 14″ dolls for the younger set (like Bitty Baby audience) – Vanilla Blonde is in pink and Vanilla Brunette is in blue.

I just ADORE the 6″ mini Corolline dolls – must. get. one. or two!  The brunette is just so cute!

The Coquette line are 14″ dolls with bodies that are somewhere between the Mademoiselle soft bodies and the slim Les Cheries bodies.  The Coquette dolls are actually more expensive than the Le Cheries. Coquette retails for $74 and Les Cheries are $50.

Emma (pink) and Paul (blue) are classic Corolle play baby dolls – they drink water, wet, and are designed for the bath tub.

These two cuties are for little ones who are ready for their first hair play dolls. They come with a nice oversized brush and their hair is long enough to brush and style but not too long where it will tangle a lot. So sweet!

Some new outfits for their various lines. I love the little stripey outfit on the top row with the gold Eiffel Tower embroidered on the chest.

Oh, to be at the beach right now!! Dolls from the Mon Premier Corolle line – 12″ dolls for ages 18 months and up – are just so hard to resist!

You can find Corolle dolls at FAO, Amazon and many specialty toy stores. They are extremely high quality, classic dolls that make great gifts.

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  1. Molly W. says:

    Secondie! All these dolls are just sooooo cute! It’s snowing at my house by the way–I can’t wait for Elsie to see the snow. :-) I would really like to get a Corolle doll, but I’m debating between one of them and Saige… thoughts? Char do you think the Corolle 6″ dolls would be good American Girl mini doll friends?

  2. Not a big fan of their faces but they seem cute.

  3. Definitely! I really like the Corolle minis!

  4. 7thir

  5. Char can you do a throwback Thursday on McKenna because I have her whole collection even her loft bed

  6. one of the ballet corolle looks like they doing to can-can lol

  7. lanielover says:

    Do corolle dolls make good little sisters for 18in dolls?

  8. Yes, they do. We have featured our Camille along side Chrissa and others. Very cute together.

  9. speaking of FAO, do their doll clothes (the FAO ones) fit AG?

  10. I have one of the mademoiselle dolls whom I named Lydia. She is so cute I just can’t put her down sometimes.

  11. Char, how funny! I am the older daughter and my very first doll was a Corolle! She came in a pink dress with white hearts, white bloomers with pink hearts and a white sweater. She had such a sweet little face with the cutest eyes I’ve ever seen! I still have her and she smells like vanilla from when I got her way back in 2002! I have the blonde and brunette hair play dolls, I have the blonde (Anna) and my sister has the brunette (Ali). I really want the blonde Mademoiselle, she is so cute!! Thanks for sharing this Char, Corolle is one of my most favorite doll companies!!!

  12. Now that I think of it, I actually have the blonde Mademoiselle doll! She came in a blue and white flowered dress with reed trim, a red headband, and silver shoes. I want another one though, so she can have a twin! I also want another one of the blonde hair play dolls…..

  13. The FAO 18″ doll clothes fit the slim body dolls better. Some items may work for AG – it depends on the item.

  14. Aww… I love the younger audience dollls – they are too adorable! :)

  15. I have a Corelle doll… I got her when I was three from my grandparents. She, I can safely say, sparked my love of dolls. She lives as a younger sisters among my AG dolls and doesn’t get much airtime, but she will always be very special :)

  16. cordelia says:

    Thank you for all of these pictures, Char. I really like the Corolle line and they are one of the few “quality” doll lines that I have seen in toy stores where I live. However, I have not seen such an extensive range and wasn’t aware that they made a mini—those are just too cute. I think I may have to splurge and buy my dolls a new doll if I can find the minis.

  17. very cute! was Les Cheries Capucine there? shes my fave!

  18. lanielover says:

    Thanks! I wasn’t sure! I think that they are sooo adorable!

  19. Yes, but I didn’t get a great photo of her.

  20. oh thats ok! was just wondering!

  21. I love the Les Cheries collection!

  22. I LOVE Corolle! Chloe and Clara are calling my name…

  23. Corolle makes some of the best dolls I’ve ever seen!!! I only have Camille Ballerina but I love her. After 6 years later, her scent is still there!!!

  24. Mathilde says:

    I’m French and of course, all I have is Corolle (mini-corollines, Chéries, one Câlin, softies and one bigger doll). I LOVE them.

    I have four mini-Corollines. You should definitely take the plunge, they are adorable. One of them, a brunette, is with me at college and the others await me at home. Actually a mini was my first adult collector doll (I lacked a blond amongst my childhood dolls). They come with less variety than in the early 2000s and you can’t take out their shoes now but they are still cute and easy to take everywhere. I thing they would indeed make very good dolls for dolls for AG.

  25. I love the new Clara with her blue and grey clothes. I have Chloé Ballerine and Capucine, the asian Chérie. It’s no longer since I discovered these dolls but it has became a real passion !
    I like the Heart and Souls dolls too and hope that I’ll be able to see some of them in France shops.
    Have a good day :o)