American Doll Room

One of the companies I was very happy to see at Toy Fair was American Doll Room. Rory and his family have worked so hard to develop and get the word out about their simple, but oh, so awesome accessory for doll play – the foldable rooms for 18″ dolls. It was great to finally meet Rory and Β see the booth right in the middle of “doll alley” (my term for the area of Toy Fair where many of the doll related booths are located).

The one thing that American Doll Room has done so well, in my opinion, is to keep things simple. They have one primary product – the portable, folding doll room, and while it comes in a variety of colors and styles, it is still just one product. Each of the doll rooms comes with carpet and curtains along with a carrying case to make it easier to store or take along. It’s just that simple.

The concept has been a proven success, and now they can continue to grow their line by adding new designs (or even offering limited edition ones), but the basic production will remain the same.

I look forward to seeing what room themes come next and wish American Doll Room continued success!