The weather may have been snowy and cold, but the energy and displays inside the Javit’s Center for the 110th Annual International Toy Fair were HOT!  I have over 20 detailed Toy Fair reports to write up and share with you, but I thought I would share a few highlights of the trip in the mean time.

We stayed at the Affinia Manhattan, right across the street from Madison Square Gardens, and when we got to our room we found this cute little gorilla. He had a tag on him asking you to leave him in the room for all guests to enjoy, but that you could buy one of his relatives for $19.95 at the desk. Taxi Billy was our traveling companion and was so happy to have someone to hang out with in the hotel while we went out to dinner.

When we arrived at the Javit’s Center it was so amazing to see the huge displays and signs everywhere – it is truly a happy, happy place during Toy Fair! The International Toy Fair is 110 years old this year, and while there is a running joke that it always snows for Toy Fair, they have never had to delay it in all those years.

After picking up our press passes (my best friend came with me and was such a huge help – plus she just makes everything more fun), we met up with Frances from A Girl for All Time. Frances did not have a booth this year as she was doing meetings and such instead, but she brought “her girls” in a suitcase and we got them out to play with at the table while we talked.

When Frances unwrapped the new doll in the Marchmont family tree – Clementine – I literally got CHILLS, and I am not kidding! Clementine is breathtaking. I could not take photos of her because she is still getting a few finishing touches done and her official photos taken, but as soon as Frances gives me the go ahead, I will share them with you. Did I mention Clementine is amazing? Her meet dress will blow you away – it is so historically right for her she almost looks like a real girl in 1940s England. Her face sculpt is different from Matilda and Amelia, but you can still see the resemblance in the three characters.

I didn’t want to put Clementine down! I changed her into her party dress, gave Frances my input into one of her accessories, oooohhhed and aaaahed over another one, changed her back into her meet dress and literally could not take my eyes off of her! So, my dear readers, you will have to be patient, but once Clementine’s photos are ready, I will share them!

After big goodbye hugs with Frances it was up to “Dolly Alley,” as I call it, to drop our coats off at the Sophia’s (My Doll’s Life) booth and start visiting all the companies I had appointments with. Sophia’s has a lot of really NEAT stuff planned for the year – like new backdrops, accessory sets, furniture and super cute clothes. Here is a sneak peek of the the Salon back drop – any guesses as to what scene is on the back? I will share more photos of the Sophia’s booth when I do my detailed write ups by company.

I fell in love with the new Bakery stand by The Queen’s Treasures! The signs can all be removed to mix and match, but better yet, they are working on additional sign sets so the stand can easily go from being a bakery to being a store or deli or a host of fun doll play scenarios. The special treat at their booth was they had cupcakes and cookies for us that were made to match their doll sized treats. Yum, yum! Lots of great new items in this line, too, that I will share in a separate post.

I got to meet Sonja Hartmann, the German doll designer who has the Kidz ‘n Cats doll line. I felt so bad for her as her dolls for her display had not arrived and she only had a big sign to start off with. Luckily, Maxine from My Doll Best Friend was going to be at Toy Fair a few days longer than me and has taken some photos for us which I will share later.

When we went to the Playmates Toys showroom, I was so happy to see Mosi on display! I know you are happy to see her, too! Mosi is scheduled to be IN STORES by June. Please keep your eyes open and let me know if you find her anywhere over the next few months. I learned quite a lot about this line and met the designer, too. I told her how much you all LOVE her dolls and I truly think she was touched by that. The new H4HG doll, Shola, is very sweet and I love her story, too.

Other highlights of the day included having lunch with Maxine from My Doll Best Friend and Sarah and Patty from College Savings Doll, being given a special gift from The Doll’s House UK that was sent over via Maxine, getting Taxi Billy signed by Robert Tonner and Jason Reilly, meeting Shannon from Flutterwing who does amazing doll repaints, and definitely our dinner with Maxine and the Sophia’s team of Cindy and Carlyn.

The last photo shows what the bed in my hotel room looked like after I emptied my bags at the end of the day. I think I have some goodies I can put together for a giveaway or two… Nothing, big, but some fun stuff.

I decided that next year I am going to go for at least 3 days! I had so many appointments jammed into one day that I felt rushed and didn’t have the luxury of just browsing the aisles to discover something new. I will be publishing the individual company reports over the next few weeks – there are at least 20 of them so it will take time.

Check back later for the Doll of the Day post, too!