Toy Fair 2012 Report – The Queen’s Treasures

If you are ever near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, you absolutely have to make at stop at The Queen’s Treasures and while I have not visited the store yet, I have put it on my list of things I must accomplish this year. Last year we first learned of The Queen’s Treasures and we reviewed quite a few of their products and hosted giveaways so our readers could have the chance to experience the quality of The Queen’s Treasures, too. At Toy Fair this week, I had the chance to meet Joann and her husband, get more insight on their plans for the upcoming year and see more of their products up close.

The Queen's Treasures Gardening Set

One of the first displays that caught my eye when I stepped in to their booth at Toy Fair was this too cute for words Gardening set for 18″ dolls. Josefina looks adorable in the Rancho Fiesta Gown and she is ready to plant, water and tend to her garden with the cart and its accessories.

wooden school desk for american girl dolls

Doesn’t Kit look adorable in her yellow dress that is so appropriate for her era? That is one of the things I really like about The Queen’s Treasures – they are still very focused on the historical accuracy and extending the play of the historical characters we all know so well from American Girl and other historical series books. The vintage 1930s styled wooden desk lid opens and you can get the matching accessories to put in the desk.

The Queens Treasures vanity trunk for dolls

In the fall we reviewed The Queen’s Treasures doll trunk that had a built in Murphy bed and I absolutely thought is was the best thing I had seen yet for dolls, until I saw this new doll trunk that opens up to reveal hanging rods for clothes, two drawers for shoes and accessories and a removable Vanity table with a chair and  built in mirror. If I had to have only one piece of doll furniture, I think this would be it. If you remove the vanity table, you can store two dolls and their clothes in the trunk and head out to Grandma’s for the night. Joann sent me this piece to review, so stand by for more photos of it along with a more detailed review.

The Queens Treasures colonial dining set for dolls

One of the things I regret not getting from American Girl before they retired Felicity and Elizabeth was the cherry wood dining table and chairs. It was just so elegant. Thanks to The Queen’s Treasure, not only can I get the dining table and chairs for my Colonial girls, I can get a china hutch and beautiful tea sets too. These pieces also go well with another retired character – Samantha and Nellie. If you are looking for more elegant, high quality, heirloom like pieces for your dolls, The Queen’s Treasures is definitely the place to look first.

The Queens Treasures wedding gown for dolls

Isn’t this wedding or communion dress for the dolls just divine? It is just another example of the classic styling the pieces from The Queen’s Treasures have.

When I was talking with Joann about what kind of pieces she has in development, she indicated that her focus is really going to continue to be on pieces that extend the play and heirloom quality of the historical time periods – for example some of her new pieces are perfect for Cecile and Marie Grace’s collection. I saw the prototype photos and while there is still some tweaking to be done, there are some really nice items in the works.

Be sure to follow The Queen’s Treasures on Facebook as they often run giveaways and offer special discounts for their Facebook fans. Thanks again to Joann for taking time to talk with me and for all the incredibly sweet things you had to say!! I will come visit you this year – promise.

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  1. so awesome Char!! i love it!! and firstie!!

  2. Oh, I love that new trunk with the vanity! I love that style furniture in my actual home.

  3. I love The Queen’s Treasures, they have some truly beautiful items! (I have the tea set and the drop leaf tea cart that I LOVE SO MUCH!) I too would love to have the hutch and the table and chairs! The Queen’s Treasures also has a wonderful more modern table and chair set as well! I love it! I love the sailor suit from the second photo! Have to add that to my wish list!

  4. oh i like the pate cabnet, it reminds me of the one at my grandpa’s house. Does anyone know how much the Ellowyne Wilde dolls are each? And what is there review on Marie Grace?

  5. Erica- if you want to read reviews on Marie Grace, go to the American Girl Website and click on dolls then click on Marie Grace. If you scroll down past the descriptions, you can see where people have reviewed her on appearance, quality, etc.

    Oh and the Queen’s Treasures stuff is so neat! I love that it is historically accurate.

  6. I love the queen treasure

  7. I want that sailor outfit. It is adorable!.

  8. And guess what I made two necklaces for my dolls and I Made two almost complete palm trees just need sand paper and green spray paint :)

  9. i want the murpht bed trunk so much!

  10. Brianne (Brie) says:

    I have to share my good fortune with all of you! The Samantha and Nellie comment made me laugh. My Mom called me downstairs yesterday, and asked me if I remembered her old boss. My Mom was telling me that her old boss was asking about me. My Mom told her that I was into American Girl. At that exact moment, my Aunt and baby cousin dragged in this huge bag. Inside this bag, I saw Nellie! She was still in her box! As I was opening her, my baby cousin picked up another doll. The second doll was Jess! I felt like I was in a dream. I have been wanting Nellie and Jess for 5 years. My Mom said I turned so white, she thought I was going to pass out! That moment of utter shock and excitement was the happiest moment I have had in 2 years. I just had to tell someone. Looking at them right now makes me want to cry. :mrgreen:

  11. Thats awesome!

  12. Brianne (Brie) says:

    Thank You! I think I finally have full names for all my dolls. It was hard work, but well worth it! Next I have to work on birthdays.

  13. Alyssa aka (Alyssa8) says:

    I live about 2 hours from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe one day I’ll be in that area and go to that store.

  14. does anyone have any ideas of how i could get money to buy mckennas bed $225?my parents dont give me allowence and they wont pay me any money for doing extra chores or anything does anyone have any ideas besides going to my parents????

  15. Cool! That new doll trunk you saw, I have it! I love it! it is PERFECT for my dolls!

  16. will you please give away the blue trunk with the murphy bed? i want it so bad!

  17. U should do do more giveaways on these what is their webste called if they have one I love kits yellow dress

  18. Ok my iPod is acting nuts!!

  19. Chloe – we will have more giveaways from coming up!

  20. yay me want murphy bed trunk lol

  21. TheQueensTreasures has so many wonderful items that are on my wish list. I had previously purchased a different hutch and small table with two chairs from their site. I bought the seconds, as they were less expensive, and I am very pleased with them. I do see why they are seconds, but the flaws are so minor I would definately buy seconds from them again. The service was excellent and quick, they are on my ‘keepers’ list. I want that garden set too and the colonial hutch and more dishes and the tea cart and I can’t wait to see what’s in the works!

  22. I have seen what is in the works – it is worth saving for 😉