The Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls captured our hearts last year so I am excited to be able to share with you what I saw inside the Playmates company showroom at the Toy Fair last week. The new items will be available in June 2012 at Toys R Us, Target and Amazon.

Hearts for Hearts Girls 2012

The new girls for 2012 from left to right – Mosi representing the Navajo Nation, Zelia representing Brazil and Rue representing New Orleans with a tie in to Haiti.

Hearts for Hearts Girl Mosi

Of the three new girls, I have to say Mosi is by far my favorite!! It’s no wonder she was awarded the prestigious DOTY 2012 Industry Choice award in the play doll category. From the H4H fact sheet – Mosi lives on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, where she helps her mom and dad to keep the Navajo arts culture alive; notice the pretty blue feather in her hair and matching belt. Mosi is one who leads the way and though she struggles with challenges in school, she is working to overlook the differences among classmates and teach others the importance of standing up for what they believe in!

Hearts for Hearts Ahiga horse

This is Mosi’s horse, Ahiga. Mosi’s Dad rescued this paint pony and named him Ahigha, which is the Navajo word for “he fights.”  Ahiga will be available in September and his mane and tail are soft and stylable.

New Hearts for Hearts Girls Mosi Rue Zelia

Lighting in the Playmates booth was not fantastic at Toy Fair so I put together this image of the new girls from the images on the flashdrive that they had ready for the media.  I already gave you the story line for Mosi above, but here is what we know about Rue and Zelia:

Rue is a compassionate girl from New Orleans who saw the worst of Hurricane Katrina, but chose to rise above.  Starting a club with her friends called “LIL Hearts,” Rue is making sure no pets will ever be left behind again. Sporting cute shoes and a multi-colored dress, Rue is on her way to leading others in strength and confidence. (**NOTE – according to a comment left by a H4H representative, Rue may not be her name when she hits store shelves. They are still getting through the trademarking process)

Zelia resides in Brazil, where she is busy helping with housework and animals on the farm. After learning her country’s rainforest is quickly disappearing, Zelia knew she had to find a way to help protect it. She is encouraging her peers to plant the seed of a rainforest tree in an effort to preserve this essential habitat. Zelia wears a butterfly t-shirt, representing one of the endangered species from the rainforest.

Hearts for Hearts Girls 2012 fashions

In addition to the three new Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls, there will be a deluxe version of Consuelo and Dell that come with a few extras. There will be deluxe fashion packs and new basic fashions like the ones shown above.

A portion of the profits from each doll and outfit will be donated to a non-profit organization that helps children from each of the girls’ countries.

Each doll also comes with a code you can use to unlock a free membership at With the free membership girls can learn more about their doll and the country, culture and people she represents. There are also games that every girl can play – with or without a code.

So, what do you think of the new additions to the Hearts for Hearts line?