One of the doll manufacturers I was most excited to see at Toy Fair 2012 was Tonner Dolls. I wanted to visit their booth so I could see what was new on the Tonner Toys side of the house – meaning Little Miss Matched, City Girls (squeeee!) and another new line – Maudlyne Macabre. And I really wanted to meet Jason Reilly – one of the primary creative forces behind these fabulous dolls. I also wanted to see the gorgeous Tonner dolls up close and personal and couldn’t wait to meet Mr. Tonner himself. This post is going to be a long one… just sayin’!

Little Miss Matched 2012

When I first entered the Tonner booth at Toy Fair I was happily greeted by Jason and some of the reps from Little Miss Matched stopped in to say hi, too! It was definitely a fun way to start my visit. Jason is in charge of the Tonner Toys arm of the company – the Tonner Toys dolls will be arriving in Toys R Us stores later this year following on the heels of the success of the Little Miss Matched Girls line. The Little Miss Matched Girls line is made up of four dolls and two more to come that have super sunny little faces, personalities that girls can relate to and they wear fashions designed by Little Miss Matched.

Jason showed me the 2012 collection for the Little Miss Matched Girls which includes new fashion packs and deluxe sets inspired by the seasons. From everything the girls need for a sleepover with friends to a day at the beach, each new item is really thought out for maximum play value. For example, the beach blanket in the summer set can convert to a poncho.

little miss matched

One of the new additions to the collection is this fabulous travel case for the Little Miss Matched Girls. It is the perfect piece for keeping all their clothes, accessories and things they have collected along the way together in one place. This piece is definitely a “must have” if you have any LMM Girls. I took our Little Miss Matched Uptown Girl Emma (she looks like the one in the red hair) with me to the Tonner booth. Jason was very happy to see her and both he and Robert Tonner were kind enough to sign her for me. (see this post for more on Emma’s big adventure.

I was so excited to see the new line of 16″ fashion dolls that Tonner Toys will be releasing later this year – City Girls. These beauties are definitely more sophisticated than other fashion dolls on the market and they make the perfect lead in to fashion doll collecting with a price point that will be comfortable for many doll enthusiasts.

Tonner Toys City Girls

There will be three “levels” of these girls – the basic, a mid range set complete with accessories like cell phones, coffee cups, tablets and more, and a deluxe line with fancier outfits and even more accessories.

Tonner Toys City Girls

These are the dolls in the deluxe line of the City Girls. Don’t you love the gold gown? I love this line because they are realistic, fashion-forward and poseable! Fun!

Tonner Toys City Girls

The basic dolls in the City Girls line will be priced around $30 and will be available at Toys R Us stores. Each doll will also come with a stand for display and a brush. I love the packaging for the individual outfits as well. I got a little bit of Jason in the photo – he really enjoys what he does and it shows in every aspect of the dolls and their packaging. The most difficult part about this line is going to be deciding which doll to get first!

Tonner Toys Maudlyne Macabre

Meet Maudlyne! She is a quirky little girl whose best friend is a ghost named Victoria. Maudlyne has the same body as the Little Miss Matched dolls. I got a real treat as Jason took Victoria out of a box from under the table to show me. Victoria was not on display as her prototype was not quite right yet. What I can tell you is that she is super cute! She has a very pale face, longggggg light blond hair and a flowing white gown. Once I saw her next to Maudlyne it was evident that they need to be together. Again, Maudlyne and Victoria will be available at Toys R Us later this year.

Tonner American Model Belladonna and Cami fashions

Now to the other side of the booth! Robert Tonner is famous for his exquisite fashion dolls and collectible dolls inspired by pop culture. I really enjoyed talking with Mr. Tonner and getting a little more insight into the process as he showed me the individual collections. Above we have the Belladonna outfit which fits dolls in the 22″ American Models collection. I was absolutely captivated by the attention to every last detail in the dress. The three outfits to the right are for the Cami and Jon 16″ dolls and are definitely for adult collectors as the designs are very detailed and not really meant for play.

Tonner Tron

This is a photo of more pop culture inspired collectible dolls by Robert Tonner – from left to right Tron, Catwoman in the middle and then Beetlejuice and the Corpse Bride on the right. As I was taking the photos of the Tonner Dolls, my camera card decided to quit!! Yikes!! Luckily if you go to Cool Toy Review, they got a ton of great photos from the Tonner booth that you can look at.

The new Nu Mood line of Tonner fashion dolls is pretty neat. Basically you start with a basic model in the body type you want and then you can really customize her using wigs, or changing out her hand and foot style. The dolls on the Tonner Doll site are truly works of art and are made for the adult collector. They are dolls to be truly appreciated!

And in case you missed it before, here I am posing for a photo with Robert Tonner before he gave me my detailed tour of the Tonner collections.

As much as I truly love the Tonner collectible dolls and do appreciate their stunning beauty, I am REALLY EXCITED for the new lines from Tonner Toys. I love that the Tonner quality, passion and joy for dolls will be available at price points that make them more affordable for the doll collector who is just starting out and will be available in Toys R Us stores nationwide. Now, which City Girls doll will end up on my shelf first???

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