While at Toy Fair I got to meet another one of our advertisers, Alina and her daughter Arianna from Dream Big Wholesale Doll Clothes – better known by their retail shop, MyPinkPlanet.com to Doll Diaries readers. I was immediately drawn to the display on the back table because the fashions the 18″ dolls were modeling had a style of their own. Many of the outfits reminded me of clothes my girls and their friends wear – and were definitely tuned more to the young teen market.

Dream Big Wholesale Doll Clothes

The outfit on the left is called Classic Fall – definitely something my girls would wear, then we have a classic pink gown with a purse that is new because I haven’t found it on the MyPinkPlanet.com site yet. Next is this super fun Pirate costume complete with a corset and an eye patch. The Pirate Costume must also be new for 2012. The black gown with roses is also a classic and is the one we did a giveaway for before Christmas. And the outfit on the end is called Rockin Tulle and is just a fun and funky outfit that really looks great on Ivy!

This is a closer look at the Classic Fall outfit which is already available on the MyPinkPlanet site. It is part of Dream Big’s Arianna line – a line of clothes designed by Alina’s daughter Arianna. The 3-d flower embellishments are very much in line with what you would find on the racks at Nordstrom, Macy’s or Hollister right now.

Ivy is such a great model and she looks so cute in this 80’s meets now Rockin’ Tulle outfit. Its a little funky, a lot fun, and it definitely looks like Ivy is ready for a fun dance party with her friends. I am not sure when this outfit will be available on the MyPinkPlanet.com website or through other retailers, but I would guess by fall at the latest.

This is another example of how Dream Big’s outfts are just a little more relevant to older tween/teen doll enthusiasts. Skinny jeans, layered tops with embellishment, and finished off with a statement piece jacket – yep, my 13 year old would wear that. With fashions that older girls can relate to, Dream Big makes it easier for the dolls to grow up with their owners while still offering classics that girls of all ages will enjoy.

A few weeks ago I had Dacia from Mini Me Dolly Diva’s make this adorable outfit for me. In her Etsy listing the model was wearing these fun boots that have buckles and zippers and such. I asked her where she got the boots as they were not included in the outfit, and she said My Pink Planet. It could not have worked out better!! I ordered the boots before I left for New York and was able to pick them up from Alina at the Toy Fair. Then Ivy was so excited when she found out I brought something home for her!

Thanks Alina and Arianna for showing me around your booth and giving me more insight in to the inspiration for your designs! It was so nice to be able to put a name and a face together, too.