Toy Fair 2012 Report Corolle Dolls

The very first play doll (not baby doll) that my daughter Megan ever got was a Corolle doll. She was a little ballerina that Megan named Baby Judy and she had the sweetest little face. Actually, she looked like this:

Not only was she just the sweetest thing ever, it is the first time I remember being introduced to the signature Vanilla smell that Corolle dolls are famous for.

While I was at Toy Fair I had the pleasure of visiting the Corolle booth and falling in love with Corolle dolls all over again!!

Corolle Les Cheries line

The Les Cheries dolls are just so cute! They are 13″ dolls that have fun, up to date fashions and sweet faces that little girls will just love! Starting with the doll wearing the red vest we have Capucine, Chloe, Cecile, Clara and Camille. I think these cuties would make perfect little sisters for American Girl dolls.

Corolle les Cheries

Here is a closer view of their little faces and some of their fashions hanging in the background. Corolle dolls are very high quality and have such a sense of style about them. Natalie actually has her eye on Chloe these days – I have added it to her already mile-long doll wish list.

Corolle Minis

The little Corolle Minis are new for 2012 and I have not seen them online yet. Let’s just say they are going to be fun to collect! If I remember right, they are about 6″ tall.


For the younger doll lover, the Miss Corolle dollies are just so sweet! They would make a great best friend for Bitty Baby or one of the Bitty Twins. They are 14″ tall and have soft bodies and hair you can style.  Lou is the sweet little Asian girl in the pink polkadots and she has to be my favorite!

My camera card had died right before I got to the Corolle booth so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but if you ever get a chance to hold a Corolle doll for yourself in a store, take a smell – her sweet vanilla scent is just perfect for creating a memory of childhood. Corolle also makes dolls and doll furniture appropriate for infants and toddlers that are just so sweet. I have to put that on my list next time I am looking for a gift for a little girl! Corolle is just a classic!

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  1. The corolle minis aren’t new. Years ago (well, 2005 or before) my mum got my sister and I a mini each that are corolle and look the same as the ones you have shown. Mine is blonde with blue eyes. She wore a kind of gingham pinafore (pink) with douty little shoes and a White t-shirt! She too, has the vanilla smell :)


  2. Princess Belle says:

    Hmmmm…. Not a big fan of these. But I must admit they are cute. Char, will you be doing a report on Monster High at the Toy Fair soon?

  3. secondie, they are so cute! Great little sisters for AG dolls!

  4. I’m a big fan of the Corolle dolls, especially the Les Cheries! Thanks for this post! :)

  5. They look so cute! I really like Clara.
    I have a question, was there a Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families booth at the Toy Fair?

  6. LOVE! I love that little Asian one too! I think I will have to add her to my list of Asian dolls to buy for my daughters.

  7. Maeve – you are right – they are not completely new. The PR rep and I were talking about that while I was there – that they used to have minis, but haven’t had them for a few years and now they are coming back.

  8. I’m not a big fan of these, either, but the ballerina one is awfully cute, and she is really the only one I like. Probably wouldn’t buy her though because I HATE ballet!


  9. Princess Belle – I did not go into the Mattel area of Toy Fair but if you look on YouTube for Monster High Toy Fair 2012 there are quite a few videos of the new stuff.

  10. Vivy – yes, the Calico Critters were there but I ran out of time. Next year I will definitely ask the DollDiaries readers what they want me to cover so I don’t miss anything.

  11. MissCpFreaks – that’s ok if they are not your favorite. There are so many different kinds of dolls on the market and some just click with some collectors more than others.

  12. SHES ADORABLE!!! I love ballet :)

  13. I have Camille ! She’s gorgeous !

  14. Uh!!! And misscpfreaks, I want to grow up to be one ! Well we all have our opinions :-)

  15. :-)

  16. Camile is in the movie the game plan

  17. Oh wow im not the biggest fan but they are adorable

  18. Princess Belle says:

    @Char- Oh, I see. I have read what Shuga Shug has posted about it, that’s how I know about the new ghouls. Anyway, I hope you post something new soon! 😀

  19. i love it! :)

  20. Chloe- I like dance to lol! I like watching ballet but i’m very bad. I do hip hop and jazz! :) And of course the dolls are adorable!

  21. these dolls are ADORABLE!!!!! I really want one but idk where I could buy them or how much they cost. There website doesnt sell them and they only have a few retailers. :'( They are very very cute!!! I love the doll chloe she is the cutest in her cute little dress!! I really wish I had one they would be the most perfect little sister for my American girl dolls!!

  22. The best place to buy them is or specialty toy stores.

  23. They have adorable faces!

  24. I have the blond Miss Corelle, she is soooooo adorable. I got her when i was 5 (i think) and still love her! She smells so beautiful which is why i named her rose! : )


  25. Char- was there a ag both at the toy fair?

  26. Megan – no, there was not an AG booth at ToyFair because they do not sell to stores. Toy Fair was for owners of toy stores and stores that sell kid-friendly items to meet with the companies that make the toys.

  27. I’m a mummy of two girls ans we also love the chéries at home… I sew for them for three years. You are welcome to my new blog, to see my clothes collection:
    I love american girls also, but don’t have anyone. I find them so pretty!
    I will be pleased to talk with you, if you are a Corolle fan like me! (sorry for my bad english!!)
    A bientôt

  28. Oups, I forget a detail: I’m french! 😉

  29. Welcome Christine! The photos on your site are beautiful as are the clothes you have made! Please feel free to email me photos to share with my readers from time to time.