The new award-winning line of 16″ dolls inspired by important times in British history, A Girl for All Time, came all the way to New York to introduce Matilda, a girl from Tudor times (1500’s) and the next member of her family, Amelia, a girl from the Victorian age (available this summer) to toy buyers and consumers here in the US at this week’s Toy Fair.

Matilda Marchmont is a young girl who thinks her life is boring when suddenly things start changing very fast! Her story is about life in the time of Henry VIII’s court with her cousin Katherine Howard.

A Girl For All Time Collection Matilda - Tudor Girl

Here is Matilda’s collection including her book, Matilda’s Secret (Girl for All Time) by Sandra Goldbacher, a workbook with interesting activities for girls to do, Matilda in her Night Shift, Matilda in her Masked Ballgown, Matilda in her Meet Dress and Matilda in her Velvet Cloak.

You might notice that Matilda has a very different face from any of the other 18″ dolls we have featured. That is because Matilda IS different. She is modeled after the Tudor times which are way back in the 1500’s – and she is more of a solemn child as well.  I held Matilda in her Velvet Cloak and she was definitely high quality – as were her clothes. She has very soulful eyes and would make a great friend for a thoughtful girl.

Tudor historical doll Matilda from A Girl from All Time

A closer photo of Matilda’s Masked Ballgown and her Velvet Cloak. I love the muted colors and simple details.

I loved meeting Frances, the creator of A Girl For All Time – she has so much passion for dolls and really enjoys what she does – it totally shows in everything she does. It’s no wonder that Matilda is winning awards in her home country of England – the research and detail that have gone into her book are astounding! The workbook is really an essential as it bridges the gap between the Tudor culture and today’s culture by making Matilda’s day to day activities and “vibe” more relevant for girls of today.

Tudor girl workbook for Matilda

One of the pages in the Matilda workbook gives girls craft ideas so they can make and wear jewelry similar in style to what Matilda would have worn. I love the title of the page “for that Tudor vibe!” Vibe is a term used in Europe to describe a style, culture or way of doing something. My cousin visited this summer from South Africa and the first time she said vibe, I laughed and then I got used to it.

I will be receiving Matilda in a few weeks to review in more depth and then giveaway to one lucky Doll Diaries reader! Keep checking back because you will not want to miss that chance.

Now, for the insight I know you have been waiting for… what about Amelia?

Amelia Victorian Girl for all time

Amelia is one of Matilda’s descendents who happens to live in England during the Victorian age. You can tell by Amelia’s coloring and feminine details on her dress that her way of life and adventures would be a lot different from Matilda. Frances determined from the girls’ family tree that they would be cousins about 14 times removed. However, in Matilda’s book there is a trunk that ultimately makes an appearance in Amelia’s story (and will do so in subsequent characters’ stories) which helps tie the two stories together.

Amelia Sneak Peek

I did see all of Amelia’s outfits, but Frances noted that they are not finalized and since they are prototypes, she preferred I not photograph them yet. You can get a little sneak peek with the collar and dress color of one of her outfits in the photo above. I am pretty certain that once the designs are finalized and go to production, Frances will share them with us!

I have said this before, but I think there is a doll for everyone!! While not every girl will find Matilda or Amelia to their liking because they don’t necessarily relate to their historical eras, I hope that by knowing what goes into creating a doll and her story you can at least appreciate them for their beauty. For example, I adore Felicity and Elizabeth and their Colonial “vibe” but a lot of that has to do with the fact that we live in an area steeped in the history of their time – in other words I have a connection with them. On the other hand, I am not drawn to Rebecca’s story much at all but I can appreciate her story and beauty, whereas other girls connect with her immediately because of her story and interests!

I look forward to watching this line of dolls grow and meeting new members of Matilda’s family tree over the years! And I thank Frances for taking the time to really show me Matilda and Amelia, share the inspiration for the line and her passion for dolls!

To learn more about Matilda’s adventures and the time period she grew up in, visit A Girl For All Time and read Matilda’s journal.