Tonner Toys LittleMissMatched Girls

If you missed the debut of the Tonner Toys LittleMissMatched Girls doll line in late August on QVC, you can now find the line of four super bubbly 15.25″ jointed dolls at your local Toys ‘R’ Us store or on the LittleMissMatched website.

Tonner Toys LittleMissMatched dolls

Aren’t their little faces cute?? From left to right we have: Artsy Girl, Sporty Girl, Uptown Girl, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl.

So, I have not seen these little gems up close yet – but they are just about cute enough to warrant a stop at my local Toys ‘R’ Us next time I am in the neighborhood. They look like they may be about the size of a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll and have 10 different joints so they are very pose-able like BFC Ink dolls. Depending on where you buy them, they run anywhere from $26-40 which puts them right in the affordable range for a play doll.

The Uptown Girl:

LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl

She’s the girlier one of the group and a born leader. She comes fully dressed in a hounds tooth trench, red bubble dress, 3 mismatched socks, mismatched hounds tooth wellies, headband, bag and a brush

The Sporty Girl:

LittleMissMatched Sporty Girl
She’s smart, she’s cute and she loves sports! She comes fully dressed in a puzzle pattern hoodie, Little MissMatched graphic tee, pink skirt, 3 mismatched socks, sneakers, headband, bag and a brush.

The Rock ’N’ Roll Girl:

LittleMissMatched Rock n Roll Girl
She’s sassy, she’s cool and she totally ROCKS OUT! She comes fully dressed in a sparkly vest, sleeveless cardigan, colorful striped tee, jeans with ripped knee, 3 mismatched socks, high top sneakers, knit hat, sunglasses, bag and a brush.

The Artsy Girl:

LittleMissMatched Artsy Girl
She’s sassy, she’s cute and she’s a marvelous artist! She comes fully dressed in a blazer, large polka dot tee, pink pants, 3 mismatched socks, maryjanes, headband, glasses, bag and a brush.

You can see more great photos and a review of Uptown Girl by Charlie over at the Tonnerdoll Blog or see them in the spotlight at the LittleMissMatched site.

And here is another little update – I got the designer of the LMM Girls dolls, Jason, to smile!! How fun! Read about it on the Tannerdoll blog.

So, who has seen these little cuties up close and personal? What do you think? I am going to have to get one in the name of “research” I think!

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  1. Thanks for the link to my review! These dolls are seriously cute, they fit right in with so many of the dolls you feature here. I love my LMM!

  2. secondie. i saw one of these o tv i was going to tell you about them. i think there cute ad look well made. :)

  3. They are made by Tonner – so we know the quality is great! I am getting ready to add a few more photos that Tonner just sent me.

  4. I think they’re kinda cute, in a Punky Brewster kinda way. (kids, Google that if you don’t know what I means). :)

  5. they are so cute!!! do they remind anyone else of american girls retired hopscotch hill dolls? the uptown girl is definitley my fave!!!

  6. Yes, they do remind me a bit of Hopscotch Hill dolls, but their little noses are just so perky! I love the attitude of the Rock Star Girl.

  7. cute

  8. I saw these on the shopping channel yesterday!!!! but they were showing uptown girl…and she had a different hair color. Makes me wonder if the shopping channel was selling a prototype. Anyways I SO want these. Go to the Littlemissmatched website and they sell fashion packs and the dolls.

  9. these are so adorable.

  10. In response to Kiralovesdogs post about seeing the LMM Uptown Girl on a shopping channel, That Uptown Girl was exclusive to that channel and came with a bunch of other clothes too. I hope that helps.

  11. Ooh, cool! My favorite is the Artsy Girl. :)

  12. Is it bad that I own Sporty and Rock Girls’ outfits?

    They’re adorable and I’ll have a hard time not buying one.

  13. Jason – Thanks for stopping by to join our conversation! Are the LMM dolls going to be on QVC again? I couldn’t help myself any longer and went to TRU this afternoon and bought Uptown Girl and one of the fashion packs. Oh, is she CUTE. Pictures coming soon…

  14. Lena – no that is not bad at all!! I just love this line.

  15. They’re cute!! OMIGOSH!!! Do you think the outfits would fit H4H girls?! I have been searching for outfits for them everywhere!

  16. Primrose – they are so cute! Not sure if they fit the H4H girls – I need to get an H4H next so I can compare them.

  17. My favorite is Sporty Girl-and I am NOT the biggest fan of sports!

  18. So cute! I like Sporty girl and artsy girl. I might just have to do some “research” har. LOL

  19. It’s a pleasure to be here. Great blog! If I may, I don’t believe our clothes will fit the H4H doll body. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the LMM girls are a bit larger (in height) than the H4H girls. the LMM girls stand 15.25” tall.
    Also, to answer your Question Char, There may be another show with a doll offered in the Spring. We’re so glad you like the dolls.
    Keep playing!

  20. These are cute but I think I want to stick with American girl I only collect them. Though these things look darling

  21. Primrose – H4H dolls are 14″ and LMM Girls are 15.25″ so the clothes are probably not interchangeable.

  22. on tv they had obne of the dolls but she was wearing the red haired girls outfit and had blond hair, they said they were sold out.

  23. i likwe the first three:)

  24. Erica – good observation! The sets sold on QVC are a little different than the ones in Toys R Us.

  25. Lanie Holland says:

    LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOO I hope they have them @ Target!!!! And Jason or Char- Do you know if there are any other ones coming out soon? Right now I only like Uptown Girl……. Her nose and outfit is ADORABLE!

  26. Hello Lanie. So far the four cuties pictured above (Uptown, Sporty, Rock ’N’ Roll and Artsy, along with the 6 fashion packs are the only things out so far. There will likely be new ones in 2012 (New personalities and Fashion Packs). Keep the positive comments coming and please help spread the word about these fun LMM girls 😉

  27. Thanks for answering my question! :)

  28. Char-
    How much were these sweet little things, Their starting to grow on me( despite what i posted earlier)

  29. They are about $25 at Toys R Us.

  30. Oh, my goodness, these are adorable!! I LOVE my LMM socks [yes, I have several sets. ;)] and I ordered a set of pajamas, but they were too big. :( These girls are too cute. :)