I was recently reintroduced to CPToy.com (Constructive Playthings) and was really surprised to find out that they carry a line of soft-bodied 18″ dolls. They sent me one to review, Katie, and she is settling in nicely to our doll family. Let’s take a look.

Today's Girl Katie

The very first thing that struck me when Katie arrived was that I KNEW THAT FACE. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but Today Girl’s being sold by CPToys.com have the same faces as the MyLondonGirl dolls, Gali Girls and another discontinued line, The New York Doll Collection. I suspect there may be a few more because the tag on her body (shown further down) shows ©1996 Lotus Company.

Today's Girl 18" doll

Katie has big brown inset eyes that do not close, long rooted brown hair and bangs and a sweet half smile.  

Today's Girl 18" doll

She arrived wearing a pink t-shirt, jeans (and undies), a jean jacket, pink clogs and a hairband. The t-shirt and clogs are quite nice but the jeans and the jacket feel  rather cheap. Katie is actually quite heavy for a doll of her size and has a good feel to her.

Her pink clogs have a super cute flower detail on them.

Here is a look at Katie’s hair from the back. Her hair is rooted and the cut is a little jaggedy, but its not bad. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse.

Here is the back of Katie’s neck. It is stamped Lotus 01G 180 China. The neck closure is a clipped zip tie and her body tag says ©1996 Lotus Company.

Katie came with a second outfit that was in a nice reusable bag. It is a pink floral knit top, tiered skirt and tennis shoes.  The skirt is a bit short but it works. You can also see that Katie’s toes tend to turn in when she stands – its not terrible, but it is noticeable.

Just relaxing on the park bench!

The question all doll owners have… can she share clothes with other 18″ doll lines? And the answer is YES. Katie fits very nicely in the Springfield bathing suit. Her body is very similar but I think her legs are a tiny bit shorter than most of our 18″ dolls. There is quite a contrast between her cloth body and her vinyl.

American Girl Gwen can wear Katie’s clothes (although the AG doll’s rear end is a little fuller so the skirt is a bit snug) and Katie fits nicely in AG clothes, too.

Gwen and Katie are going to to be great friends!

If you are interested in seeing more dolls from the Today’s Girl collection, you can find them at CPToy.com. The dolls are being sold for $59.99 and include a 15-piece wardrobe, too.