Getting the total American Girl experience while you are in any of the stores is something at is attainable for any girl. I have now been to four of the American Girl stores and can tell you that to get most out of your store visit you must do a bit of planning. The American Girl website has a lot of useful information and tips on planning your special day at each store. Visit the website to pick the store you will be visiting and find out what special events may be planned and what the store offers. If you are planning on enjoying a meal while visiting your store I strongly recommend you make a reservation and plan your day around your dining experience.

If you want your day to include a visit to the doll salon for your doll complete with ear piercing this service is usually a first come first serve basis. When you line up to be checked in for the salon you will get to look at either a book or a poster of the style’s offered for your doll. Prices for hairstyling start at $10 and you can add services on the top to enhance your experience starting at $5 for pampering that includes a doll face wash and you get to take home a set of nail stickers. You can add the Spa Deluxe service where your doll receives a head to toe cleaning, a professional hair styling and to take home you get the nail stickers, a terry wrap, Spa slippers, cucumber stickers for your dolls eyes for doll play at home and a face mask sticker so you can continue the spa experience at home.  Ear piercing costs $14 and includes a package of doll earrings.

I very much recommend giving yourself as much time as you need to look at everything at least twice.

What to Bring:

  • Camera
  • Doll
  • List of what you would like to remember to see while you are in the store

You can print a list from the American Girl website or handwrite your own. I made my own book that I took with me to make notes in while I was at the store.  I used a dollar store note book and stickers from the American Girl doll line available at Michael’s the craft store.

A note book is a great idea to keep track of items you like but are not going to pick up that day so that when the holiday season comes around and you are asked for ideas you can refer to your notes from your store visit.

Another great option available at most stores is a personal shopper – especially if you are new to the American Girl doll line. A personal shopper can answer all your questions and help guide you to the perfect doll or products for you. There is no cost to having a personal shopper help you in the store and a personal shopper can enhance your experience and your day.

The American Girl Store experience is for every girl, this is something the company is very passionate about. If you are a girl who requires a little more assistance or has a family member who requires special assistance call the store you are planning on visiting and find out what options are available to help enhance your trip to the store.  If you have dietary concerns, allergies or physical challenges calling ahead is a very good idea. Each store is laid out differently but is accessible to most wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and more. If you have other needs that are more sensory the staff will do anything they can to try to help you have the most positive experience possible. Some stores have quieter areas that you can retreat to if you are feeling a sensory over load. I also recommend if you are not comfortable in a loud or busy store you contact the store and find out when the slower and less noisy times are in some cases they maybe able to accommodate your visit by having you come just a little early to the store or they maybe able to stay open a little later to help you.

I can not stress enough how important it is to take full advantage of the services that each store offers.

As a mother of children with special needs I am thrilled with the stores commitment to giving each girl the best experience possible. I can not stress enough how important it is that if you have any concerns, to contact the store directly prior to your visit to ensure that you are not disappointed.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three