Making The Most Of Your American Girl Store Visit

Getting the total American Girl experience while you are in any of the stores is something at is attainable for any girl. I have now been to four of the American Girl stores and can tell you that to get most out of your store visit you must do a bit of planning. The American Girl website has a lot of useful information and tips on planning your special day at each store. Visit the website to pick the store you will be visiting and find out what special events may be planned and what the store offers. If you are planning on enjoying a meal while visiting your store I strongly recommend you make a reservation and plan your day around your dining experience.

If you want your day to include a visit to the doll salon for your doll complete with ear piercing this service is usually a first come first serve basis. When you line up to be checked in for the salon you will get to look at either a book or a poster of the style’s offered for your doll. Prices for hairstyling start at $10 and you can add services on the top to enhance your experience starting at $5 for pampering that includes a doll face wash and you get to take home a set of nail stickers. You can add the Spa Deluxe service where your doll receives a head to toe cleaning, a professional hair styling and to take home you get the nail stickers, a terry wrap, Spa slippers, cucumber stickers for your dolls eyes for doll play at home and a face mask sticker so you can continue the spa experience at home.  Ear piercing costs $14 and includes a package of doll earrings.

I very much recommend giving yourself as much time as you need to look at everything at least twice.

What to Bring:

  • Camera
  • Doll
  • List of what you would like to remember to see while you are in the store

You can print a list from the American Girl website or handwrite your own. I made my own book that I took with me to make notes in while I was at the store.  I used a dollar store note book and stickers from the American Girl doll line available at Michael’s the craft store.

A note book is a great idea to keep track of items you like but are not going to pick up that day so that when the holiday season comes around and you are asked for ideas you can refer to your notes from your store visit.

Another great option available at most stores is a personal shopper – especially if you are new to the American Girl doll line. A personal shopper can answer all your questions and help guide you to the perfect doll or products for you. There is no cost to having a personal shopper help you in the store and a personal shopper can enhance your experience and your day.

The American Girl Store experience is for every girl, this is something the company is very passionate about. If you are a girl who requires a little more assistance or has a family member who requires special assistance call the store you are planning on visiting and find out what options are available to help enhance your trip to the store.  If you have dietary concerns, allergies or physical challenges calling ahead is a very good idea. Each store is laid out differently but is accessible to most wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and more. If you have other needs that are more sensory the staff will do anything they can to try to help you have the most positive experience possible. Some stores have quieter areas that you can retreat to if you are feeling a sensory over load. I also recommend if you are not comfortable in a loud or busy store you contact the store and find out when the slower and less noisy times are in some cases they maybe able to accommodate your visit by having you come just a little early to the store or they maybe able to stay open a little later to help you.

I can not stress enough how important it is to take full advantage of the services that each store offers.

As a mother of children with special needs I am thrilled with the stores commitment to giving each girl the best experience possible. I can not stress enough how important it is that if you have any concerns, to contact the store directly prior to your visit to ensure that you are not disappointed.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

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  1. Addy:
    I have done a bunch of reviews on her already but I’ll do yet another one because you asked LOL. Addy is a very beatuiful doll. I like her facemold.She comes with pierced ears. They do not come out. Her hair is texured and a little scary when you take it out of her braid bun thing but is surprisingly fairly easy to take care of. Addy’s hair is also good for all types of braids although you may want to mist it slightly with water before you start.I really do not understand why more people dont like her. She is so pretty. Her dress is very cute . I love her bonnet. Her seashell necklace is long but if you want it shorter just tie it in the back. her idk what its called satchel thing? can also be used as a bandanna. Overall, Addy is HIGHLEY HIGHLEY recomended.

  2. Thanks on the Addy review, Olivia!

  3. Addy is one of the dolls that’s on the top of my list!

  4. Addy:
    ok I just typed up a review for Addy and I forgot to post it!!!!!!! OH well I’ll just type it again.
    Addy is a very beatiful doll. And I love her face mold. She has pierced ears but her earings do not come out. Addy has texured hair and is scary when you take it out of its braid bun thing but is surprisingly easy to take care of. Her hair is also great for all types of braids. though you may want to mist it a little with some water before. I cannot understand why more people dont like Addy she is really a beautiful doll. Her dress is cute and I love her bonnett. Hes shell necklace is long but if you want it shorter just tie it in the back. Her kerchief can also be used as a bandanna. Addy is very VERY much recomended.

  5. I also did a review on moly but its in moderation.

  6. Mia:
    Mia is so adorable! She has layered hair so you cant really do much with it besides pigtails and ponytails but it is a very pretty shade of strawberry blond. Depending on the light her hair looks more bloneish orangey. IMO she has a unique freckle pattern. I cant really explain how but to me they just look different than other freckle patterns. Her eyes are pretty Her sweater is so cute and is adorable with jeans and is so cute on a cold snowy winter day.ILOVE HER SNEAKERS!!!!!!! and they go with EVERYTHING!!!!!! Her skates are cute too. And I love her little mp3.. overall very adorable doll.

  7. Emily:
    One word: sweetie!!!!! I love her. Her hair is just a little bit longer than Chrissa’s. And is sooooo smooth. and (at least with mine) does not get tangled very easily. Her as as molly said ” like a copper colored waterfall”. Her dress is cute and is perfect for the fourth of July. And her scrapbook is so cute!!!! Very very pretty.

  8. Gwen:
    Ok dont get me wrong I love gwen and I do recomend her but I was dissapointed with her hair. It is alot shorter than what you think. You can still do hairstyles and stuff, but its alot shorter than what I thought it was going to be. (at least imo) However she is still recomended. Her bangs are cuteand I LOVE her dress. When she was on the website the reviews of her said that the clear staps on the back her flipflops break easily however that has not happened to me. The staps are noticabley thinner than others. Like I said befors I recommend her.

  9. Sonali:
    Definatley one of my favorites!!!! (they are all my favorites but still) I love her facemold. Her hair is sooooooooo beautiful. I does have a lot of fly awys at times but nothing a little water cant fix. Her hair remindes me a little of Kanani how its curled. Her meet outfit is one of my favorites!And is great for mixing and matching!!!!. EXTREMELY RECOMENDED!

  10. Lanie:
    Another one of my favorites! (once again they are all my favorites but still) No other dolls have hair like hers. Its so curly and beautiful! My nickname for her is Goldielocks! LOL. Her hair is easy to mess up though but there are a bunch of videos on youtube on how to handle her hair. Plus it not that different than takeing care of other curley haired dolls. I also like how she has sidebangs. Her dress is so cute and looks better in person. Her accessories are highley recommended!!!!! IF YOU GET LANIE YOU MUST GET HER ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her shoes go with a lot of outfits too!

  11. Wow, thanks for all the reviews, Olivia!

  12. I JUST GOT BACK FROM TH AMERICAN GIRL PLACE SEATTLE!! It was the best day in history!! I’ll be sending pictures to Char when I get home tomorow!! :)

  13. Awsome Sarah! What did you get?

  14. Annie- no problem glad to do it. Sorry I posted Addy’s review twice, I didnt see it.LOL Oh well.

  15. Olivia- I had $104 and spent $99.65. Here’s what I got:
    Safari Sundress
    Exclusive PJ’s
    Seattle AGP Tee-Shirt
    Elizabeth’s hair done in the “Fancy Flip”

    I’m gonna send Char pictures probably tomorow cause my Flip is taking forever to send these videos to my friend. :(

  16. Sarah-cool. You wil love the Safari Sundress! It is one of my favorite outfits that I own.

  17. Sarah=) says:

    Olivia- I am seriously in love with it!! Hahahaha!!!

  18. Sarah: See I told you you would! LOL (smiley face) Glad you Love it.

  19. I just got back from the Atlanta Store!!!! We ate at the restraunt and it was really good!!!lol!I got one of my dolls (Noel’s)hair done and bought a couple of things!!

  20. Addy’s earrings DO come out if you are very determined to take them out, but they aren’t supposed to. If you do take them out, I’ve been told that normal AG earrngs fit the holes.

    Mia does have a unique freckle pattern. The other doll’s don’ have freckles on their noses, mia does.