Our friends at The Spicy’s doll blog always have such beautiful photos and have been kind enough to share some of their tips with our readers.

Doll Photography Tip #1 – Interesting Angles

If you find that your photos are all looking the same, try changing the angle! Dolls can look wonderful from ALL angles! Experiment with shooting from above, below or from the left or right.

Doll photography tips

Doll Photography Tip #2 – Check Your Background

One thing we have found SO helpful is to have nice backgrounds! No one really wants to see clutter in photos, so before shooting, simply remove any excess clutter that you don’t want in the photo. Another thing to try is to set up your own background! We love using white poster board as a nice simple backdrop for photo shoots. If you’d like a more colorful backdrop, try hanging a fun printed fabric behind your subject.

doll photography tips

Doll Photography Tip #3 – New Focus

So many of us take boring, mug shot photos of our dolls. But we often forget there are so many other great elements that make our dollies unique! Does she have a fantastic sense of style? Snap some pics of that cute scarf she’s sporting. Is she sporty? How about a shot of her making the winning goal? Show your dolls personality and creative spirit thorough your pictures.

doll photography tips

Doll Photography Tip #4 – Go Outside

Sometimes the lighting indoors is not that great for doll photos. Dolls need lots of light to brighten up their skin and make them look radiant! Our fastest and easiest fix is to head outside! Our favorite times to shoot are right before sun set – the light is wonderful!

doll photography tips

Bonus Tip for Doll Photography – Crop!

And this one is from Char. Once you have taken a great photo, try using picmonkey.com, ipiccy.com, pixlr.com, fotoflexer.com or paint (on your desktop) to crop out any unneeded  “space” in your photo or to create a more professional look!

We hope you find these doll photography tips to be helpful and try some of the techniques the next time you take photos.

Have a great day and thanks again to Holly and Kay at The Spicy’s.