One of the things my girls love doing is setting up their own doll hair salon. They have the Doll Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Your Dolls book and we bought the doll salon chairs from Target a few years ago (much cheaper than the American Girl version and they work great). We have found that a few things really help to keep the dolls’ hair nice and easy to work with:

  • Only use a Doll Wig Brush (wire brush) or combs on their hair. Do not use one that you have used on your own hair as the natural oils in your hair will ruin theirs.
  • Lightly mist your dolls’ hair before styling
  • Do not spray into their eyes – it will ruin them
  • Start brushing from the bottom and work up slowly until you can brush all the way through
  • Never blow dry or using a heated styling tool on your dolls’ hair – you will ruin it
  • If you have to wash it, cover your doll’s eyes with a towel and gently shampoo her hair with mild baby shampoo
  • Never cut their hair without a parent’s permission and guidance

Most of all, have fun! Show off your doll’s style – you can submit them by joining the Doll Diaries forum or you may email them to me at