I just love taking our historically inspired dolls and letting them do some time traveling – it’s funny how the look and personality of a doll can change with an outfit.

Carpatina Rowena Amelia

Our newest Carpatina slim body doll, Celtic Princess Rowena and A Girl for All Time Victorian Girl Amelia, did a little time traveling and closet shopping today.  Rowena borrowed American Girl Emily’s meet dress, put her hair in a ponytail and added some CUTE new glasses that arrived by surprise from the SFStyleClub yesterday. Amelia looks like such the sweet school girl in the Carpatina Private School dress and even has Carpatina shoes on. The desk is from The Queen’s Treasures.

The Carpatina Private School dress actually fits Amelia PERFECTLY. Amelia is only 16″ tall compared to an 18″ Carpatina doll that this is made for, but with this dress it really doesn’t seem noticeable.  The Carpatina shoes are too long for Amelia, but in the black Mary Janes style it is workable.

Emily’s meet dress looks adorable on Rowena who is an 18″ slim body doll, however, I did have to pin it in the back to make it look right.  Carpatina’s feet are too long for most American Girl shoes so Rowena just kept her gold flats on. The Springfield glasses are a teeny bit big on Rowena, but they are ridiculously cute, so on the y go!

A Girl for All Time Amelia

I think Amelia looks very pretty in purple and this dress is going to stay on her for a while. I do want to give her curls a little touch up so I plan on rag-rolling them sometime this week. I will take before and after photos for sure.

Carpatina Rowena

From Celtic Princess to All American Cutie – Rowena really has captured my heart!! Her long curls are thick and bouncy and she looks very natural in Emily’s time period. Speaking of Emily – the collar on her dress would not stay down – I think I may need to touch it up with the iron.

What do you think? Do these two time travel well or what? I think I just saw Matilda eyeing Rowena’s emerald green gown…