Karen here and I just received the most adorable tap dance inspired clothing for my Madame Alexander Doll Kailey from My Dolls Life.

Tap is one of my favorite forms of dance and today’s craft is inspired by that love.

To make your own Top Hat Barrette, Bow Tie and Cane you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and tape your two coffee sticks together so that they measure 9 inches.

Step 2- Lay them on your coffee sticks on the felt and unroll enough of your fashion fusion tape along the stick , remove the backing and then fold your felt over your sticks. Add another strip of the tape to your sticks, remove the backing and fold over pressing it into place. Use your scissors to carefully cut the now covered coffee sticks from the felt.

Step 3- Use your Tulip fashion Glitter and bond to embellish the ends of your cane. Apply the glue to each end and dip the end of your cane into your glitter. Shake off excess and repeat on the opposite side, then set aside and let it dry.

Step 4- To make the bow ties, cut one strip  from your felt 5 inch by 2  inch  and one additional strip of felt 2.4 by 1 inch.

Step 5 -Turn your felt pattern towards your work surface and along the center back use your fashion fusion tape (CHAR LINK PLEASE), remove the backing and fold the ends of your felt so that they meet in the tape. Repeat on both pieces of felt.

Step 6- Cut a small amount of the felt to be the center of your bows and wrap the strip around the center of your bows and secure with more of the fashion fusion tape.

Step 7- Use the Tulip Fashion Glitter and Bond to embellish the center of each of your bows. Set aside and allow to dry.

Step 8- Cut from your ribbon spool 2o inches of think ribbon. On the back of the larger bow, lay a strip of your Fashion Fusion Tape and remove the backign press the middle of the ribbon into place as shown above and instantly you have a bow you can tie around your dolls neck, or use in their hair! No dry time needed!

Step 9- Make the Hat Form by cutting a toilet tube in half. Then make snips along the edge of the bottom of that cut and fold the flaps out as shown above.

Step 10- Turn a drinking class on top of a paper place and trace the cup. Cut out the circle this is the hat base.

Step 11- Add your fashion fusion tape along the edge of the flaps and remove the backing then press into the center of your cut out hat base.

Step 12- Cut out enough felt to cover the toilet tube. Secure into place with more fashion fusion tape. Then flip the hat over onto your felt and cut a hat top. Press and secure the top with more fashion fusion tape.

Step 13-  Cut a small amount of tulle from and scrunch it like you would the center of a bow, secure it to the hat with more fashion fusion tape.

Step 14- Add more fashion fusion tape to the tulle and remove the backing, press the smaller bow into place.

Step 15- Open your barrette and cut some tape from your clear packing tape roll, tape it to the bottom of the hat once secure you can dress your doll for tap!

I love the little tap shoes from My Doll’s Life and now my outfit is complete and a favorite of my tap dancing nieces! PS – If you do not have tap shoes for your dolls already, you can make them by attaching pennies to the sole of your doll’s favorite flats!