Karen here and I just saw my nieces Holiday Dresses in the photo my sister is going to use for her Christmas Card this year and it got me thinking back to all the wonderful doll dresses I have in my own doll collection. The holiday’s are a special time for dressing up and in our very casual world most of us only dress up for fancy occasions. I love looking back at the dresses my dolls have worn over the last 5 years and I am amazed at how many choices we now have not just for our dolls but for ourselves too! The one my doll Chrissa is wearing in the top photo was handmade for me and hand sewed by a friend from a dress her daughter wore one Christmas.I felt it needed a bit more sparkle so I added a ribbon, sometimes a simple ribbon can really change the look of a dress I loved the pattern and this is one of my holiday favorites.


Not in my collection but a dress I loved is from my friend and fellow Doll Diaries follower Madelon (who helps me out on my own website). She has a wonderful talent of finding baby doll dresses deeply discounted at the end of each season that she picks up for less then $10 and re-purposes them into beautiful Holiday gowns. Often her finds are Preemie to 3 month sized dresses that require no sewing! This dress Madelon shared with me a few years back on my website and it is still perfect today.


Last year I had so much fun building my own idea of some of the dresses I saw that were on display at the White House. I  shared my tutorial here on Doll Diaries (Click here for last years tutorial) I used items from the dollar store, my hot glue gun and imagination. I loved how this dress turned out. It is one of my favorites!


Last year I received this Blue holiday dress, modeled by my Springfield Doll collection doll Olivia in the photo above. I loved the deep blue color of this dress the sequins and the bow. This drop waist dress looks stunning on all my dolls regardless of the color of their hair, skin tone and make.


It is one of the dresses I love most on Chrissa! I do love to dress up!


I made this dress out of a remnant I found at a fabric store that cost $1.67, I made three dresses just like this one and I made the shall out of a remnant as well. I was really proud of how this outfit came together and the hat I made from dollar store felt went perfectly with it. This is still one of my favorites and I have used it time and again with many of my dolls in photos and crafts.

I loved looking back over my dolly holiday dresses and I hope you did too. I would love to know what you think makes the perfect holiday dress, is it the style, the color, the texture, the price, the fact that you made or is it possibly one you have yet to find? Do let me know what you think of these dresses and your own.