Time for Spring Sports with the American Girl Dolls

Do you like spring sports? Our American Girl dolls do! Actually, they like all sports and one of these days I am going to photograph all our sports outfits being modeled, but for now, join Emily, Marisol and Gwen as they get ready to play and I review three new sports outfits.

American Girl sports outfits - running, lacrosse, golf

It’s a beautiful spring day in Dolltown and friends Marisol, Gwen and Emily all meet up outside The Ice Cream Shoppe. Marisol is getting warmed up for her first 5K run of the season, Gwen is ready for her lacrosse game and Emily can’t wait to get on the golf course and make a hole in one.

American Girl Lacrosse outfit

Gwen says goodbye for now to her friends and makes sure she is ready for the lacrosse game.

The Lacrosse set is from American Girl and it is adorable. I had really wanted a Field Hockey outfit because Natalie plays Field Hockey, but this is as close as I am going to get. The set comes with the sports top, a charcoal gray skort, deep pink socks, the cleats, the lacrosse stick, the face mask, a lacrosse ball and stick on mouth guards. This is one of American Girl’s better sports outfits, in my opinion. They really paid attention to detail and made the outfit in line with what the girls are wearing on the field now. I give this outfit an A.

close up of american girl lacrosse set for dolls

And a closer look at the lacrosse stick, face mask and mouth guards. I love that American Girl took time to add in the safety items that girls playing field sports need! The stick on mouth guards are precious – and I know in Natalie’s field hockey league the refs want bright colored mouth guards so there is no mistaking if the girls have them in or not.

American Girl golf set

Emily heads into the Club House to pick up some last minute items before heading out to the green.

The 9 Piece Golf Set Emily is wearing I found on Amazon for around $30. I really thought the golf bag and doll sized clubs were adorable! We have the retired Golf & Tennis set from American Girl, but it only comes with a putter. That said, the golf bag and clubs that came with this set are a little small in comparison to the dolls. I think I may make Ellowyne a golf skirt and give her the golf bag instead.

American girl golf set

Emily practices her putting in the clubhouse while waiting for a golf cart to be ready.

The golf outfit really is adorable and in this case the skirt is actually a skort which is nice (the retired AG set has a simple wrap around skirt). Overall, I give this outfit a B.

American Girl running set for dolls

Marisol is warming up for her 5K by doing a little stretching!

The 2-in-1 Running Outfit from American Girl is absolutely adorable – right down to the yellow trimmed no-show socks! You can mix, match and layer the four pieces of the set to get multiple looks. It comes with a sleeveless yellow and navy running top, a light blue running jacket, light blue running shorts, navy blue long running pants, the adorable socks, running shoes, a race day number and a charm for Innerstar U.

American Girl Running Outfit

Marisol is “pumped” – I mean “pumping” out her pushups before her race.

American Girl Running Outfit

Congratulations Marisol! You finished your 5K race with ease. It must have been all that pre-race training.

I absolutely love the colors of the 2-in-1 Running Set and the fact that it basically is two outfits makes this one of my favorite American Girl values! The set is $34 and overall, I give it an A.

What are your favorite sports? I love to walk, run and play golf. Megan is a gymnast and will be trying out for the High School cheer team soon and Natalie is a swimmer, plays field hockey and likes to join me on the golf course, too.

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  1. I always get hurt in sports (basketball, soccer, football, netball, volleyball) because the ball always hits me in the face! It hurts! But I like Tennis, Golf and Lacrosse (looks fun!). The only sport I am actually good at is dodge-ball, because I’m not afraid to run away from a ball!

  2. My favorite sports to do are horse-back riding/showing my horse, and hunting,fishing, hiking,archery,canoeing,swimming, and I love to race in sailboat regattas. In school I am in track and field, but it is not really a favorite of mine. I enjoy more traditional outdoors or “sportsman’s” activities. My favorite is riding, of course! :)

  3. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I can’t do sports except for yoga and this cool workout called TRX. TRX hurts, but it’s fun!

  4. my favorite sport in the whole world is rolller derby. It is super fun and challenging at the same time. I also like karate.

  5. Is ballet a sport? I used to figure skate and do some gymnastics, but I moved and this place lacks an ice rink and that kind of gym. I also play tennis, but I’m not good at it.

  6. oooooooohhhhh…. yoga. I completely forgot that that was a sport. Fishing is good, and I want to start kayaking!

  7. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Erin it’s almost a competitive sport. I want to make my dolls yoga outfits and start a doll yoga class lol

  8. My favorite sport would have to be Cross Country! I love to run, even though I’m not very fast. I also love to roller skate. 😀

  9. soooooo awesome char i think u did a great job on this!!!!!!!!!!! and seventhie!!!

  10. Anastasia says:

    I love to hunt, fish, and do anything having to do with the outdoors.

  11. I really like Basketball. I’m not sure if I want to get the basketball outfit for my american girl dolls though, because they can’t really dribble the ball or anything. At least with Soccer they can kick it.

  12. I do ballet

  13. Ryan-Kennedy says:

    i like to play cricket

  14. Isabella says:

    I enjoy golfing but am a dancer at heart. I take ballet, TAP, jazz, Lyrical, acro, technige, and musical theatre. I also do competition.

  15. Mines ballet, I want to grow up and be a famous dancer! (or just dancer). Or maybe an artist (not a sport though) ballet is a sport u know

  16. Oh and ballet is practicly half of my life I would almost DIE without it. Well not exactly but I would be a blob if dance didn’t exist

  17. I like the running and golfing outfits how cute????????????????????????????

  18. I do Gymnastics, Yoga, Biking, and Track! 😉

  19. I never really got into sports, but I can see that these dolls love their chosen sports! It looks like they are having lots of fun!

    I like the fact that they started off at the Ice cream Shoppe! lol

  20. I like horseback riding, basketball, swimming, and rollerskating.

  21. I couldnt live without horseback riding!

  22. i like jogging, horsebackriding, swimming, and feild hockey

  23. This is so cute! Though I hate running(im terrible at it!) I really like this. I’m a dancer, so hoping to get the Ballet Outfit from AG asap!

  24. Sports totally rock!!

  25. Chloe I would die with out ballet too its my life

  26. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Chloe I’d die without yoga. My friends call this phenomenon “yoga withdrawal”

  27. I like soccer,basketball,and tennis! :-)

    But I would DIE if there wasn’t dance. I am SO going to be a dancer for the future!

  28. I’m with Sarah! Dancing is MY LIFE