kits mystery game

The producers of the upcoming movie, Kit Kittredge, An American Girl Mystery, recently held a private screening to get viewer feedback before making final edits.

A Doll Diaries reader who was one of the lucky ones at the screening was kind enough to share some of her initial impressions with us!

“This was definitely my favorite of the four. It was better than I expected after the last two.”

“I wish I could have stayed after it was over. They picked some families with girls to stay to discuss the movie, we all had to fill out a questionaire but we couldn’t stay unless we were picked. Bummer considering when I left the theater Abigail Breslin was waiting outside to join the discussion group! It was still cool to see her after watching her for an hour and a half. How did they fit all that hair under her wig?”

Outfits and accessories in the movie (see my spotlight on Kit’s collection for photos):

  • Scooter (exact replica), but not the dress
  • Grace
  • Typewriter – big part in the movie
  • Robin Hood book
  • Kit’s table and chairs
  • Desk / bookbag and books
  • Camera
  • Meet outfit
  • Birthday dress
  • Overalls but with a short bubble sleeved blouse

Other notes:

  • Ruthie’s hair was like in the books but she didn’t wear the yellow dress, she mostly wore frilly purple dresses.
  • The yellow dress in Meet Kit(?) in the picture where she is sliding down the banister
  • Blue dress from Kit’s surprise
  • Some things that were not in it that I was hoping to see were Kit’s rickrack dress, the princess Ruthie book that Kit gave her for christmas, and Inky.
  • Also Charlie was not in the movie, they explained his absence but you didn’t see him, and Uncle Henrick only had a small role and was mostly talked about.
  • They also changed the characters of the boarders at the house in order to go with the plot. The only ones who were the same were Stirling and his mom and they were pretty true to character.
  • Aunt Millie was mentioned but not seen.

If anyone else was lucky enough to see the screening and has additional input, please leave a comment!!