Throwback Thursday – Kicking off a New Year

Now that things are settling down, we can get back to some of our favorite regular features – like Throwback Thursday. I am going to work on a calendar of sorts for this feature so we can get a good mix of my photos and your photos for a specific theme, time period or character. For now, just a few random retired items.

Retired American Girl school supplies

Railey found some retired American Girl accessories at a doll sale last year. She found the original 1995 School Gear set – nice find! Inside is a a math text book, Trapper Keeper folder, spiral notebook, pencil, calculator (that actually works!!!), and progress reports. The lady also threw in these adorable mini grin pins!

Retired AG computer

Railey also bought the adorable mini Macintosh computer from 1996! It actually turns on and displays a word processing program. To give it a finishing touch she made a mousepad out of craft foam.

Retired AG exclusives

When Madelon saw the photos of the new store exclusive swimsuit for dolls she was reminded of this set they sold at the American Girl Place years ago. I love the combination of the navy blue and pink.

A closer look at the folding beach chair and accessories from this set.

Retired AG exclusives

The cover up top and matching towel are so cute! I might have to start looking on eBay for this set – too, too, cute!

Retired AG pajamas

Sharry sent in thins photo of  Stephanie (AGOT #19) wearing the Bell Sleeve Flower PJs from 2004. When Sharry got Sunny (formerly Julie) from Craigslist, this is what she was wearing. The slippers are from Necessary

2005 Paisley Print PJs

Our Alex is modeling the 2005 Paisley Print PJs.

These last two photos reminded me of how much I love all the doll pajamas! So, for next Thursday’s Throwback post the theme is PAJAMAS! Send in photos of your dolls wearing retired American Girl pajamas – historical, GOTY or MyAG. Please save me time by resizing your photos to 540 pixels wide first and if you want a watermark credit, you need to put it on the photo before you send it in. Email photos to and put Throwback Pajamas in the subject line.

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  1. Megan!!!!!! says:


  2. kananirulz says:

    secondie! i don’t have any pajamas lol XD

  3. how funny, I have ALL of that except the pjs!

  4. or macintosh

  5. thirdie birdie!!

  6. I’m fifthie! Finally, something closer to firstie than twenty! 😛 I have retired clothing from Elizabeth’s collection, but no pajamas!

  7. Oops, that might be sixie, now that I think of it…..

  8. The swim suit was also sold as a 2-in-1 set with that t-shirt, a pair of white pants, adorable cat-eye sunglasses, a pink hat, and the pink sandals with polka dots. One of my all-time favorites!

    We are on similar wavelengths because a lot of my dolls are in pajamas right now. I’ll send in pictures later this week!

  9. Ninthie! The first two are pretty cool!

  10. Thanks for posting Stephanie’s picture Char.

  11. Oooh, I’ll send in Kirsten’s nightgown/sleep stuff. I keep meaning to send in those pictures anyhow. :)

  12. @ molly W ithught you didnt have a doll

  13. twelethie?I’m not so sure about how you say 12.I love every single thing in that!


  15. Dakota~I don’t have an AG doll except for mini Molly. However, my sister has Kirsten and a bunch of her stuff. I’m allowed to play/use her pretty much whenever I want. Also, on loan-out I have my cousin’s Samantha dolls and several outfits. :)

  16. Super cute!!!!!!

  17. Nope, no pajamas here! Great post though.

  18. love the paisely pjs! lol macintoshes! the sailor suits cute too!

  19. Omg, that big fat computer totally reminded me of that old Compaq Presario PC my family and I shared back in the mid to late 90’s. I remember trying to play my Rugrats, Blues Clues, and Jumpstart Learning games on there, and always complaining that the computer was “slower than three dead turtles”. XD

    And now I’m sharing this story on an iPad. It’s amazing how far we have gotten in technology, isn’t it? *sheds tear*

    Ok, I’m starting to sound like an old lady. GET IT TOGETHER, VENUS. XD

  20. I have those mini pins too! They were a steal at a nickel at a garage sale!

  21. Love the mac computer!

  22. My school has brand new macs for this year, and a whole lot of compaqs that dont work. Lol they are partially up to date

  23. Venus lol im lots younger than you but unfortunately i know what you mean^^^^^

  24. @Maddie My school got new Mac computers, too. Well, in our computer labs throughout the campus, we have a mix of both Windows and Mac computers. ^_^

  25. I have that seaside outfit! My mom bought it at a Bazaar from a lady who is local and buys TONS of AG stuff! I was so overwhelmed! (IN A GREAT WAY!) She even sells dolls for $70 a piece. I just got a doll off of ebay, she is #28. What is a good name for her?

  26. 25they

  27. Love it all! Railey, you were lucky to find the backpack set and the mini Macintosh! I wish I had those! I have some pjs, but not retired for a super long time. I have Mia’s, Kit’s sailor ones, and a few JLY holiday pjs. XD

  28. Oh, and some historical ones too.

  29. I have retired stuff from Kit’s collection, but no AG pj’s..

  30. Venus how old are you? And I remember those computers. I actually threw my old one away about 2 years ago. It was in my spare room for I don’t know how long.

  31. @Allie I cannot reveal my actual age, but I can say that I’m slowly approaching my 20s. 😉

    Slooooowly, mmmkay? Venus does not want to accept the fact that she’s getting older. 😛

  32. Cool!!!

  33. @Paige I know I was super lucky to find them but if you really wanted them I bet you could find them on eBay.

  34. Char did you get my throwback Pajamas email?

  35. I love the last PJ’s! I only have non-retired PJ’s though. (Butterfly PJs) I LOVE the retired computer! I wish AG still had a computer (realistic) and I would buy if it was in the budget.

  36. I do not have pjs :( from ag It is aglover i think i put my email in wrong

  37. I’ll send a pic I have a lot of retired ag pj’s. Is it okay if I don’t know the names of two because I got them from my aunt and cousins, and the pj’s are from a time when I wasn’t even born.

  38. Wow! This really is a blast from the past…brings back so many memories

  39. guys,how do i post pics or send them to Char?

  40. Angela, email Char at You can send her pictures that way. :)

  41. Char – I need help from my mom to change the pixel size, so can I send my photos in a little late or if I can’t can you use mine for Sunday Showcase?

  42. I only have the Coconut PJs and McKennas. And Samanthas and some homemade ones.

  43. Camille – that is fine

  44. The computer is too cute, as is the swimsuit and school set. Wish I could’ve gotten those items, but unfortunately i wasn’t born until 2001. :)

  45. ilovesaige says:

    char how do you resize a picture on pixel monkey and can the next throwback thursday be goty and historical charaters please answer

  46. Go to and choose edit a photo. Then pick your photo from your hard drive. Once your photo shows up look on the bottom left toolbar for the one that says resize. Put 540 in for horizontal pixels and let the vertical pixels adjust to what ever is necessary. Then choose share via email and email the photo to me at

  47. Hey Char, I have a pair of doll pajamas from last year, and they are retired. Would those count or are you looking for older stuff? Thanks!

  48. Sure Amanda!

  49. Ok, thank you! :-) Oh, and by last year, I mean’t 2011. I’m still stuck in 2012! I’ll send them in ASAP! And yes, this time, I WILL send in the pictures!

  50. IloveSaige says:

    char can i send in different type of photos