I thought a fun theme for Throwback Thursday this week would be “Who Was Your First Doll” and based on the number of photos sent in, you like it, too!

From Linda – Sweet Sue Walker “School Girl…..1952,” in her original dress. Made by American Character Doll Company. For my 6th birthday, I got to go to a department store and chose my first Big Girl doll. Being an only child, she went everywhere with me and is still a special doll.  My mother and aunt sewed an extensive wardrobe for her…. of 1950’s styles! I had her face repainted in 2000 and have made more outfits for her! Fun memories!

The oldest fashion doll in my collection is from 1999 and is named Barbie.  My oldest plush dog named Coco is begging Barbie for a walk. Submitted by Meg_DollFanInAfrica.

From Sharry – Since I no longer have my first doll, or even the first doll I remember asking for, I thought I’d show you dolls I had from ages 3 to 5. From Left to right: This is Chiquita, brought back from Spain for me by my dad when I was 5. Next is a 1969 Drowsy talking pull-string doll I named Rena. This isn’t the exact one I got for my 3rd birthday, but she’s just like her, (and she still talks!) Next is a Smarty Pants doll From Deluxe Reading Company just like the one I got when I was 5, (minus the Cabbage Patch clothes). She talked when you moved her arms, legs, head and pushed her belly button. Last is a drink and wet doll I got when I was about 4. I called her Baby Tender Love, since my mom wouldn’t buy me a real one. Thank you for sharing this trip down memory lane!

From Ava – These are my first two dolls Kit and Lindsey. They are best friends. Kit was my first AG doll ever and I remember waiting forever saving up to buy her. Lindsey came a few months later from eBay in an awful condition (loose limbs, bad hair, marker stains) but after a few months of TLC and a visit to Ireland’s oldest doll hospital she was perfect for me and I grew to love her imperfections.

From Tony – This is Tiffany Taylor by the Ideal Toy Corporation. She isn’t my first doll, but she is the first doll that I bought with my own money back in 1974. The top of her head rotates so she can have either brunette hair or blonde hair. She is wearing one of her many outfits that were available, but her white shoes are borrowed from Ideal’s Magic Hair Crissy doll.

From Jennifer – This is my first doll, I got here when I was about six . That day she got her ears pierced and somehow that convinces me to my mine pierced.

From Tina – I am attaching a picture of my daughter’s first two dolls, AG’s McKenna and Isabella.  They’re sitting in one of the rooms of a “dollhouse” that I made from bookcases.  Also, the little doll sitting on the table next to McKenna is Natalie.  I’m not sure of the brand, but a family member bought her for me in Greece when I was a little girl almost forty years ago.

From Beth – This is my first doll. Her name is Katie. She was made by the Berjusa company, which is now renamed Berenguer.  Katie is 18 inches long and can wear regular baby clothes. She has a cloth body. Inside her body is a heart-shaped device that, when you press your ear to her body, makes the same lub-dub noise as the human heart. Katie looks very realistic and when I carried her around in public, people often mistook her for a real baby.

From Bethany – This is a picture I took for Throwback Thursday. It’s Liberty, my first ever 18″ doll. She is from Vision Forum and I got her for Christmas when I was about 6. On her lap is Corrie, my FIRST doll. A friend of my parent’s bought her for me even before I was born.

From Lisa – Here is my FIRST EVER DOLL Alexandra! She is Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll and she is also a ballerina ( like me!!)

From Dollygirl – Here is a photo of my first doll, Crystal. She didn’t come with the name, I originally named her Crissy, because I really wanted a vintage Ideal Crissy doll, but then I got a Crissy, so I renamed her Crystal. I got her at a yard sale for $2, and would love to get some help identifying her from the amazing Doll Diaries community. She came wearing a green and white striped long-sleeve shirt, tan pants, a denim jacket, a tan hat that matched the pants, and blue and pink rubber sneakers. She is not jointed, but instead has arms and legs that are half cloth, like a baby doll. The only mark on her is on the back of her neck, it says CitiToy. She has blue eyes, blond hair, and she is 18 inches tall. My mom made the outfit she is wearing in the picture. Please help me find out who she is! Thanks!

From Sabrina – Actually, my first doll was a stuffed animal but I wasn’t sure if that counted, so instead, here is my first American Girl doll. This is Lilly and she has blonde hair and blue green eyes.

From Katie R – Here is my first doll Hanna, from the brand Our Generation. She’s tattered but I love her!

From Daphne – This is my doll Tessa. She likes to cook and sometimes sing.

From Alex – On the left is Kylie ( just like you #13) who was my sisters first doll and on the right is Anna ( just like you #24) who was my first doll.

From Marjorie – My first doll is a black Cabbage Patch kid named Tabitha.

From Michaela – This is My first AG doll. MyAG #39. I got her in June 2012.

From MLO – The Bitty Baby is the old version with blond hair and blue eyes.  The other doll is Nicki, Girl of the Year 2007. I got them both around the same time.

From DollsRFun – This is my doll Orchid.She is a Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll. She is actually an exact replica of a doll I had (who broke in a very gory way).

From Abigail – My first doll was Felicity. I got her Christmas 2010, and I love her!


NOTE: There will NOT be a Throwback Thursday post next week because of Thanksgiving.