OH you are in for a treat!!!! I got so many entries for this week’s Throwback Thursday that I am going to spread the post out over two days. These beauties are just so amazing – you really have to appreciate each of them separately.

From Grammys3Girls – This is Amy Laura, my most cherished childhood doll.  She is a Horsman T16 and is at least 50 years old.  She still makes my heart flutter after all these years.

From Vivian – This is my mom’s Kewpie doll, she was given to her as a gift in the 70’s along with a handmade bassinet (which folds into a pouch!) and a little hat. This Kewpie doll does not yet have a name but she’s the perfect size for AG dolls! I’ve used her several times in photos. 

From Tony – Introducing Miss Elizabeth ~ a 22″ china head doll known as a “Dolley Madison” type. She was made in Germany around 1880. She has a cloth body, arms, and legs all stuffed with sawdust ~ and has beige kid leather gloves and boots. Her beige lace and tulle gown has 3 pink satin roses at the shoulders. It has a beige satin sash with a big bow in the back ~ with 3 pink satin roses in the center of the bow. She carries a beige suede purse with 3 matching pink satin roses. Under her dress she has a chemise and pantaloons ~ both trimmed with delicate hand crotched lace. She also has three petticoats trimmed in lace, a pink satin corset, a white satin bustle, and a crystal bead necklace. I bought her from an antique doll dealer several years ago.

From Anne in NC – The doll on the left is Holly Hobbie, made by Knickerbocker in the early 1970s.  In the middle is Collette; she is stamped Franca, and dates to the late 1960s.  She’s wearing her original dress, but I’ve lost her bloomers (oh my!!). And on the right is a first issue My Friend Mandy, made by Fisher Price in 1977. I have her original clothes, but here she is wearing a new dress.

Here is my 1978 or 1979 doll – she is named Chandra (by me) and is a First Love doll. These dolls were made by British toy manufacturer Pedigree Toys. This company is no longer in business. Dr Di gave me some excellent advice to clean her vinyl legs, arms and head. Her body is also plastic but it was clean. She has rooted hair but it is only on the top half of her head. The doll cannot stand and is a baby doll.
Thanks for letting me share, Meg_DollFanInAfrica.


From Joanna – These dolls are from the 1970s. Mandy, at left, is a My Friend Mandy doll from Fisher-Price from the late 1970s. Susie, in the middle, is a Madame Alexander My Pretty Pussycat doll from the early 1970s. Annettia, at right, is a Horsman drink and wet baby doll from the mid 1970s. Mandy and Susie are wearing their original meet outfits, except for Susie’s other bootie, which got lost some time in the last few years. 🙁  Annettia is wearing a homemade dress. Susie used to cry and say “mama” a long, long time ago, but she has experienced a lot of love and has aged out of that phase. 

From Keely: Madame Alexander, Beth

Like I said, I got SO many amazing submissions for this week’s Throwback Thursday that I am going to let you enjoy these beauties and I will post more of them tomorrow as a Flashback Friday post! If you sent a photo in and don’t see it here, it will go up in the next batch tomorrow.