Since it is Spring Break (at least for us) I figured it would be fun to feature some of the retired travel-related outfits and accessories from American Girl. Let’s see what you all came up with!

From Sarah – My beautiful Spencer Elizabeth Edwards (Saige) in the retired Cozy Plaid Outfit and the bag and map from Doll Travel.

From Caroline – Isabelle with the retired 2005 Suitcase.

And here it is opened up! What a cute piece!

From Lena B. – Isabelle us getting ready to I to a sleepover. She is bringing the retired sleepover bag that turns into a sleeping bag. She is also bringing her new Josefina doll in the retired American Girl bag.

From Marble – This is my doll, Lucy, modeling the American Girl Place Boston (Natick) Glitter Doll Tee from 2009.

From Madelon – Isabelle grabs her stuff from the Beach Chair and Bag set before heading out.

Also from Madelon – the retired store exclusive beach bag.

From Shelby-Grace: Apparently, I have a ton of travel-related AG things!

Our first model is Andrea, JLY #19. I’m not sure of what the set’s name was, but it originally had a little backpack, the red flip-flops, and the towel. The towel has the words “American Girl Place” printed on it, and the shoes say the same thing, but with the words printed where the doll’s feet are. I couldn’t seem to find the backpack, so only the towel and shoes are part of the picture. The skirt and the top are NOT part of the set, I simply put them on so Andrea would have something to wear while modeling:)

This is the starry doll carrier. It has a large and small mesh pockets, and two velcro pockets. The part for the doll is on the far left. There are two small buckles to hold the doll in. The whole thing folds in, and zips up the side. There is a strap also in the far left, and a “window” for the doll to look out.

Miss Molly is wearing her 1944 Swimsuit. The beach towel has a floral design, and the suit has leaves and flowers printed on it. The sandals have a strap on top, and a strap in back, to keep the doll’s foot in. The beach ball is a pretty green and orange. Her sunglasses and shell necklace finish the set off nicely.

Samantha is modeling her American Girl Place Los Angeles T-shirt (the jeans and shoes are not part of the set) and pet carrier. The other T-shirt is the matching girl-sized one, and an American Girl Place Minneapolis girl-sized hat.

From Vivian – Here is a different form of AG “travel”! 

Felicity is wearing what was originally her traveling gown but was later changed to her meet outfit.

Cecile is ready to travel with her retired AG suitcase!

The remainder of the photos are from Sarah Kate:

Felicity in her Traveling Gown with her Travel Trunk. Her Traveling Gown was released in 1999 and became Felicity’s Meet Outfit in 2005 before being retired for good in 2011. Her Travel Trunk was released in 1992 and later retired.

Kirsten in her Swedish Dirndl & Kerchief and her Carpetbag. Her Swedish Dirndl was the outfit Kirsten wore in Meet Kirsten when they were traveling from Sweden to America. It was retired in 2002. She used her Carpetbag to carry all of her belongings. It was released in 1987 and was retired in 2009.

Saige in the Pretty & Plaid Dress with the Travel Set. Both the Pretty & Plaid Dress and the Travel Set were released in 2010 and retired in 2012. (I just thought the Pretty & Plaid Dress looked like a good traveling outfit and it looked good with the suitcase!)

Coconut with his Travel Carrier (1st Version), which was released in 2003 and retired in 2008.

Coconut’s Travel Carrier with the matching Suitcase and Backpack set for dolls. It can be a rolling suitcase or the front can zip off to become a backpack! The little pouch in the front is for a mini doll. It was released in 2002 and retired in 2006.

All of my modern girls modeling store exclusives! I’ve been to 6 American Girl Places and I have 6 modern dolls, so it worked out perfectly! I’m honestly not entirely sure what is current and what is retired as it all goes in one pile! I know everything McKenna is wearing is current as I just bought it in January in LA. Mia is wearing an AGP Atlanta Shirt because she traveled to Atlanta with me. She is also wearing Lanie’s Nature Outfit Leggings (2010), and the Garden Boots (2011-2014). Kanani is wearing an AGP New York shirt because I was in NYC the year she was GOTY. Unfortunately I didn’t buy her then (*facepalm*), but I always associate her with NYC now. She is also wearing a pair of store exclusive white capris and AG Club espadrilles (retired in 2007ish). McKenna is wearing an AGP LA shirt because she went to AGP LA with me this past January! She is also wearing the current store exclusive pink shorts and the purse, headband, and shoes are from the current store exclusive accessories. Saige is wearing an AGP Columbus shirt because she traveled to Columbus with me last July. She is also wearing a pair of retired store exclusive jeans, and her shoes, belt, and hair clips are from a retired store exclusive accessory set. Isabelle is wearing an AGP DC shirt because that is wear I got her and where she’s from! She’s also wearing a retired store exclusive pink skort and the current Polka-Dot Flats. Cecile got the AGP Chicago shirt by default, as she hasn’t been to an AG Place yet. Interestingly, it is my oldest store tee (circa 2002ish) and it has an extremely boxy cut. It is like a unisex cut as opposed to all of the newer shirts benign ladies buts. Anyway, Cecile is also wearing Saige’s Sweater Outfit leggings (2013) and a pair of off-brand moccasins.

WOW!! What a great Throwback Thursday everyone!!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday we are going to feature a very popular play doll line that is now retired – Liv Dolls. You may send in photos of your Liv dolls and their outfits. Please give as many details as you can – like her name to start! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK LIV in the subject line of your email to me at