I apologize for posting today’s Throwback Thursday so late, but you know how the saying goes – better late than never! Since Easter is right around the corner, let’s take a look at some retired Easter items for the dolls.

From Eva K – This is a photo of mag#3 on the left wearing the garden party outfit(2004-2005). On the right mag#37 is wearing the flower garden dress ll(2011-2012). Fun fact:Both outfits are spring dresses that American Girl releases annually. Even though the release dates of the outfits are seven years apart the price differences are only by the small amount of $3!

From Linda – Jamber Lee and Fawn model some retired dresses. I think they are retired. Jamber’s is from American Girl and it’s called the Petals & Posies dress + charm. Now Fawn’s is Dollie and Me, I think.I forgot when I got it. Fawn’s dress came with a matching little girls dress, which I have out grown long time ago. I love both of these dresses.

From Madelon – Our retired Kelly bunny.

And another retired Easter Kelly.

From Linda – This porcelain and cloth doll was bought at either Costco or Sam’s approximately twenty years ago for my daughter at Easter. It came with a small basket filled with Easter treats. I am not sure if this is the correct basket. The doll’s clothes are sewn on and I could not find any name or markings on her. I believe she would be retired since she is so old. Her eyes do not close. She has real(?) eyelashes. Does anyone know anything about this doll? She is about 19 inches tall.


  • April 2 – Retired American Girl of the Year Jess and any of her collection
  • April 9 – Retired American Girl items that are PURPLE
  • April 16 – American Girl Josefina and any of her collection since she is a historical character – everything is a throwback


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