Now that it is summer and the pools are open, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our favorite doll swimwear and related items. Let’s get started!

From Heather H – Jacky is wearing the first snorkeling outfit AG came out with.

From Eva K – This is a photo of MAG#14 wearing the tankini and sarong (2012-2014). MAG#35 is wearing part of the seaside wardrobe (2005-2007). MAG#48 is wearing another part of it. Jess is wearing the swimsuit from her 2-in-1 kayaking outfit (2006). Molly is wearing her 1944 swimsuit (2005-2013). Ivy is wearing Julie’s swimsuit (2012-2015). MAG#50 is wearing the 2-in-1 surf swimsuit (2010-2012). MAG#58 is wearing the other part. Finally MAG#17 is wearing the part 3 of the seaside wardrobe (2005-2007).

From Xyra at Tea Time with Melody Q – Here is the Tea Time with Melody Q gang in a summer tableau featuring the Beach  Fun Wardrobe (2005 – 2006), Coconut’s Seaside Friends Set (2005), Molly’s 1944 Swimsuit (2005 – 2013), and Seaside Accessories (2005 – 2006).  Coconut and Licorice relax in the shade sharing a small towel with flowers around their neck. Licorice looks extra cool in her shades. Lanie wearing the mesh hoodie and swim skirt from the Beach Fun Wardrobe grabs a cold drink from the Seaside Accessories cooler. Haley shows off their official AG beach towels. Melody calls to Lanie to grab a drink for her too. She too is wearing something from the Beach Fun Wardrobe – the white terry cover up. Kaya and Kirsten have a game of catch with two different beach balls. Kaya sports Molly’s 1944 Swim Suit and throws to Kirsten who looks stunning in the yellow and fuschia bikini from the Beach Fun Wardrobe.

From Madelon – Kanani and her board.

From Madelon – Kailey and her collection.

From Madelon – Marie Grace modeling a retired AG exclusive swimsuit.

Also from Madelon – Cecile modeling retired AG swimwear.

From Madelon – Molly looks adorable in her retired swimwear.

From Jasmine – McKenna is wearing Julie’s retired swimsuit. It was retired in 2015.

From Tony – Kanani is making a lei to send to her cousin, Rachel, in New York along with a post card. The Beach Accessories II was released in 2002 and retired in 2004. The set consists of a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, 3 postcards, lei, and a backpack to put it all in.

From Linda – Samantha is wearing Molly’s 1944 style swimsuit. It was produced in 2005 and retired along with Molly in 2013. It was originally $34.00 and included swimsuit, sunglasses, towel, sandals, a beach ball, and a seashell necklace. I found it in a thrift store minus the necklace and beach ball but with other doll clothes for only $3.99.

From Charlotte – Description: Left to Right, We have GOTY Kanani in the 2014 limited edition outfit, GOTY Isabelle in a retired 2012/2013 (I think) bathing suit and last, but not least GOTY Saige in another retired bathing suit from long ago (maybe 2011/2012) in front of the store exclusive beach cabana set.

From Pinkaglover25 – This is Grace and JLY49 in the  AG Two-in-One Surf Swimsuit. This is a Just Like You outfit made in 2010 discontinued in 2012.

Thanks to all who sent in photos this week! 


  • June 11 – Retired American Girl Kirsten
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  • June 25 – Retired AG GOTY Chrissa and her friends Gwen & Sonali
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