Dolls need a little pampering, too, you know! Today we are taking a quick look back at some of the spa related items from American Girl that are now retired.

Natalie’s doll April is modeling the Bubble Robe set from 2004. It came with the robe, slippers, headband, and an accessories pouch which I could not track down for the photo. This is still one of my favorite sets and the blue looks gorgeous on April.

From Olivia – It looks like my dolls are enjoying a spa day! Selah is resting in the retired pink spa chair, while the stylist, Crystal, is reaching toward the retired Hairstyle Center caddy. Crystal sports McKenna’s meet outfit dress, a pair of Springfield tights, and Mia’s meet outfit shoes, while Selah wears the Raspberry glasses, McKenna’s meet outfit shoes, the Easy Breezy shorts, and the shirt belonging to the Coconut Fun outfit.

From Madelon –  a closer look at the Styling Center from 2007.

From Hannah K. –  Here is Mia Modeling the Cozy Star Robe from 2008. It came with a blue satin ribbon headband, but I couldn’t find it for the picture. This is a very pretty robe! The blue 
slippers make the outfit complete.

If you have any photos of retired AG Spa items, you can still send them in.

The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday are RETIRED AMERICAN GIRL Girl of Today/Just Like Me/MyAG MEET OUTFITS. Send in photos of your retired American Girl meet outfits – if you have meet outfit accessories, those are good, too! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK MEET in the subject line of your email to me at