As one of the original American Girl historical characters and quite possibly the most popular of the original historicals, Samantha Parkington also had one of the largest collections of clothes and accessories through out the years. One of our regular contributors, Agoverseasfan, did a photo shoot for us of her various dolls all wearing Samantha’s things. This is not every dress Samantha had, but it is a good number of them.

American Girl Samantha

Samantha wearing her meet dress and holding her mini doll. Her meet dress is a checked, drop waist, pleated taffeta dress with a burgundy satin belt. She is also wearing black tights and black shoes.

American Girl Samantha and Nellie

Twinsies!! Samantha and her best friend Nellie are both wearing Samantha’s meet dress.

American Girl Samantha

This is Samantha’s Buster Brown dress which she wore to school. It is a lightweight gray flannel with white trim, six white buttons, a black bow and a pleated skirt.

American Girl Samantha

Agoverseasfan’s “red haired Caroline” is modeling Samantha’s Tea Dress and is looking so prim and proper!

American Girl McKenna

McKenna looks very sweet in Samantha’s Play Dress and Pinafore.

Mia looks beautiful in Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress which is also known as Samantha’s Christmas Dress. The lace collar really finishes off this otherwise simple taffeta dress.

Emma-Rose is wearing Samantha’s Bathing Dress. Back in Samantha’s time you didn’t actually wear this to swim, but to go to the beach or the lake.

Poppy is modeling Samantha’s Birthday dress but something tells me that Samantha would not have had purple highlights!

ย Samantha wearing her Travel Duster – ready for an adventure!


Group photo!! Don’t they all look so cute in Samantha’s wardrobe?

Thanks so much to Agoverseasfan for sharing her beautiful photos and giving us a look back into American Girl history. You can see more of her work on her YouTube channel, Facebook page or blog. If you have photos of retired American Girl (or other brands) dolls, clothing or furniture and want to help us take a look into the past, email your photos and descriptions to us at