I wanted to do a full collection look back today, but honestly I just don’t have the time to do it right at the moment. Instead you get to take a look at two of my early Doll Diaries photos and the outfits Megan’s dolls were wearing then.

This was taken in 2005 back when Megan and Natalie had to share a room! On the left, Elizabeth is wearing the 2003 Birthday Party outfit and has the balloons and tiara from the accessories set. Nicole is in the middle wearing the 2005 Sightseeing Outfit which is really one of my all time favorites. Felicity is wearing Nellie’s modern Irish dance outfit also from 2005. This another one of my all time favorites!

Felicity (who was technically my first American Girl doll) is wearing her original meet outfit which was later replaced by her Traveling Gown (the purple one) and this dress was sold as her Rose Garden gown.  Nicole is wearing the 2002 Go Anywhere outfit with the Go Anywhere Accessories. I got this outfit for Megan when it was on major sale after being retired so it did not come with the original boots. The dark brown Mary Janes just had to do instead.

More Throwback Thursday next week!