Karen here! Today we are looking at our Dolls Shoe collections and I am starting with a funny story about my kitten Mia, every night she steals these three doll shoes from my doll shoe bin and wont play with cat toys!

I think doll shoes are one of the most fun items we have in our collections. Today we take a look at some of your collections!

PicMonkey Collage

If there was a prize for the most amount of doll shoes I think Madelon would win! This is just a small look into her doll shoe collection! “Honestly I did not think I had this many doll shoes!” says Madelon



Eva sent us this is a collage of shoes from the American Girl sports outfits. In the
top photo the shoes shown are from Isabelle’s Dance Barre(2014), McKenna’s
Team Gear(2012), Mia’s Accessories(2008), Nicki’s Ski Gear(2007), Jess’s
2-in-1 Kakaying Outfit(2006), and Kailey’s Wet Suit and Bikini(2003-4)On
the second row the shoes are from Maryellen’s Ice Skating Outfit(2015),
Molly’s Skates and Muffs(2006-13), Two-in-One Skating Set(2012-15), Roller
Skating Set(2012-15), Softball Set 11(2013-15), and the Bowling Team
Set(2009-12). On the thrid row the shoes shown are from the Cylcing
Outfit(2013-15), Tap Dance Outfit(2009-11), Skateboard set(2011-15),
Volleyball Set(2012-15), LaCrosse outfit and gear(2012-15), and the Soccer
Team Outfit(2015). Finnaly, on the bottom row, the shoes shown are from the
Basketball Outfit V(2015-), Two-in-One Track Outfit(2013-16), Tennis Skirt
Set(2011-13), Jazz Dance Outfit(2009-12), and the Snowboard and

dn (1)

dn (12)

Priscilla sent in her photo of her shoes and it is so hard to pick a favorite!

In the first picture is my American Girl doll shoe collection. The second picture is my mini dolls, wearing there shoes (and a Funko Cinderella shoe).

dn (13)

Thank you to all of you who took time to send in so many amazing photos this week!

  • May 19- Happy Birthday Kit (send in photo of Kit as May 19th is her birthday!)-Photos Due 5/11
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  • June 30- National Pride! (Canada Day is July 1, Indepenance Day is July 4th)- Photos Due 6/22


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