Brrrr it is cold outside! With the cold, snowy weather this week, it is the perfect time to take a look at retired winter gear for the dolls.

From Christian Homeschooler – Here are Lindsey, Samantha, and Felicity wearing retired American Girl coats.  Lindsey is wearing the Sugar Plum Coat released in 2001.  Samantha is wearing Samantha’s Holiday Coat released in 2004.  And finally, Felicity is wearing the Terrific Tubing outfit released in 1997.

From Paris – This AG jacket is retired and I am unsure what year it is from but for sure it is AG and retired.

From Heather H – My dolls are wearing the non-historical ag winter gear. I’ve collected quite a few outfits over the years.

From Alyssa – This is the winter chalet from American Girl, it retired in 2014. ” Ahhhhh, this hot cocoa and fire is nice and toasty!” Says Grace while taking her hat off.

From Flo – Kit decided it would be fun to get out the sled and take Skip for a run out in the snow!  The sled, husky dog and the dogsled snowsuit were introduced in 1997 and discontinued in 2000.  The details on the sled are impressive, it even has a brake on it just like a real dogsled does.  I had to have this whole set because a family member used to be a musher and ran in the Iditarod several times. 

From Eva K. – This is a picture of my MAG #37 on the left wearing the snowboard outfit and gear (2012-2014).  Nicki (GOTY 2007) is wearing her ski outfit and gear (2007).

From Hannah – ?Grace is modeling the soft as snow outfit. I think this came out in 2012. Last Christmas American girl came out with another winter outfit replacing this one. 

From Pine Valley Girls Club~ Marie-Grace and Taryn put on their winter coats for this picture even though it’s 63 degrees Fahrenheit! Marie-Grace is wearing Samantha’s retired coat, hat, muff, and spats. Taryn is wearing Kirsten’s retired winter coat. 

From Ms. AGdoll – Ivy is having fun outside in the frost. 🙂  She is wearing Samantha’s Winter Coat and Hat (retired) from American Girl. Ivy is a retired American Girl Historical Character doll.

From Ms. AGdoll – Audrey-Ann is showing off her snow gear. Audrey-Ann is a retired Our Generation doll. She is wearing the winter outfit (retired) from her meet set.


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