It finally feels like spring so let’s get out and move!  For today’s Throwback Thursday I thought it would be fun to look at some of the retired American Girl sports outfits.

From Rachael – My dolls love to get out there and be active! Kirsten is modeling the first tennis outfit, complete with the shorts, the can of tennis balls, and the adorable racket! Elizabeth decided to go figure skating in the first edition ice skating outfit that came with a bouquet of flowers! Next is Kit modeling one half of the 2 in 1 karate outfit… of course she chose the black belt!! Molly looks so cute in the first bowling outfit that features the cutest short and a bowling bag that comes with a bowling ball and a magnetic glove so she can really hold it! Felicity loves to dance and is wearing the modern dance outfit with the beautiful wrap skirt to go over the velvet leotard. Last but not least, Josefina wanted to go rollerblading! She is being safe and wearing both her hand and knee pads, and she promised me to put the helmet on before she takes off!   

From Sydney – Molly  in the retired gymnastics warm up from 2001 and MKenna’s leotard from 2012.

The next NINE photos are from Marjorie:

Molly and Kirsten go bowling in outfits from 2003 and 2009.

In the “I can’t believe this is already retired” category, Lindsey in half of Julie’s 2-in-1 summer outfit (though Julie’s roller skates are still available)

Kanani in the Dance Team Outfit (2008), Rebecca in Ruby Ballerina (2007), Marie-Grace in a ballet outfit (2007), and Chrissa in Yoga Gear (2009)

Gymnasts! Josefina in McKenna’s practice outfit on McKenna’s bar, Addy is rhythmic gymnastics from 2006, Ruthie is Go USA! gymnast (2004), Emily is yet another gymnast (2008 this time–another Olympic year) and on McKenna’s beam, and Saige is in McKenna’s performance leotard.

I have 2 tennis outfits: Molly’s retro, limited edition tennis outfit (1997), and an adorable pink and navy outfit from 2005 (this set is amazing–visor, shirt, shorts, skirt, socks, shoes, wrist band, racket, 2 pink tennis balls, tennis bag, necklace, ponytail holders)

Some of my girls gathered on Julie’s bleachers. Ivy’s in the soccer outfit from 2009, Caroline in the volleyball outfit from 2008, Marisol in the first cheerleader outfit (1996), and Kit in Chrissa’s swimsuit. They have various items from the cheer section set (2008).

Skater girls: Sonali with skateboard (2008), Felicity ready for some roller hockey in rollerblades, helmet, and pads from 1996, and McKenna in Mia’s performance outfit.

Nicki is wearing items they gave out at Cincinnati Reds games. The first year they gave out the jersey and pants (and a black and red hat), the second year they gave out the jacket and cap. I cheated a little because I bought these on ebay, but I did live in Ohio these years (2005-2007), and I couldn’t have gotten one by going to the games because they were only giving them to kids.

Kaya is ready for golf. This outfit is from 2008. The skirt reverses to white, and the set also came with a racket and ball so she could play tennis too.

From Willsbardgirl – This is the Yoga Outfit from 2009.  It came with a light purple jacket with hibiscus embroidery, dark purple yoga pants, purple (are you seeing a theme) tank top, and a hibiscus print yoga mat.  It did not include shoes.

From Flower – Part of the 2006 2-in-1 Soccer Outfit.

From Madelon – McKenna suits up for soccer practice in her 2009 Soccer Outfit.

From Alyssa – Cara is on the same team as Madelon’s McKenna in the 2009 Soccer Outfit.

Another look at the 2008 Golf/Tennis outfit. I’m not sure who sent in this photo because they didn’t sign the email, but thank you. It is a great side by side of the outfit for golf and then if you remove the vest and turn the skirt to the white side it is perfect for tennis. This is one of my favorite outfits and Saige wore it in her photo shoot on Monday.

The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday are RETIRED AMERICAN GIRL CHRISSA and her collection. Send in photos of your Chrissa collection! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK CHRISSA in the subject line of your email to me at