Happy Thursday! I thought it would be fun to take another look back at some retired American Girl sports gear. 

From Lauren: Bailey is wearing a Baseball uniform from 1999 although from my research I’m not sure when it retired. It’s official title is “Softball Uniform I” It came with the everything seen here: baseball cap, button- up jersey, sweat pant type pants with red stripes down the side of the legs, grey socks, baseball spikes, a mitt and baseball bat. The only thing that is missing is the baseball that came with it.

From Heather H – Addy and Miranda are stretching as they get ready to run the track in this 2 in 1 track outfit.
From Shelby-Grace: My doll, Josie, is modeling part of the retired tennis set from  2011. Not pictured is the racket and tennis ball, I couldn’t find them for a picture.

From Molly – Molly and Beata were inspired by the World Cup (Beata is wearing the very first JLY outfit I ever received–the first year it was available) while Marie-Grace is ready to shoot some hoops. Gymnasts Ivy and McKenna show off their medals and remember the days when Team USA wore red, white, and blue instead of pink and purple. 😉
From Ann – Jozie ready for lacrosse.
From Linda – Nikki, My American Girl doll PF-G1968, is modeling Go Team! Cheer Gear. It was released in 2008 and retired in 2011. Caroline wanted to show off her cheer outfit. It is from Springfield Collections and is not retired as far as I know. I doubled her pompoms as they are not as full as the American girl pompoms.
The following photos are from Madelon:
Retired Karate outfit.
The back of the uniform.
The karate top and belts.
The bowling outfit
Saige playing basketball.
Kanani heads out for a run.
Thanks to all who sent in photos today!

There will be NO THROWBACK THURSDAY next week. I will be traveling with no guarantee of Internet connection.