While Kit and Ruthie are still available for purchase at American Girl, a lot of their collection has been retired. This is generally the case with all the historicals – part of their collection gets retired so AG can add new items to their collections over time. I thought it would be fun to ask our readers to share photos of retired Kit and Ruthie items for this week’s Throwback Thursday. 

Angela sent in quite a few photos of retired sets and outfits:

Camera- Kit’s Photograpy Set

Chair- Kit’s beach chair and umbrella

Kanani modeling Kit’s winter coat, beret and mittens, and work boots.

Kit in her 1934 Swimsuit

Lilly- May shows off Kit’s Reds Fan Outfit

McKenna is just too sweet in Kit’s Beach Pajamas and Slippers

Ruthie in her Play Outfit

Samantha looks cute in Kit’s Christmas Outfit with magnetic Scottie Dog

Accessories- Kit’s Nighttime Necessities

From Janet (this one plus the next three photos), we have Kit’s Play Suit, Overalls and Work Boots, and Winter Coat and Beret and Mittens.

Kit’s Typewriter set.

Kit’s Stove and Produce and Preserves.  Also, by the preserves is the evaporated milk from her Hobo Supplies.

Kit’s Pajamas and Slippers, Aviator Doll, Nightstand and Bedtime Extras.

Madelon owns some retired Kit books like Kit’s World, A Girl’s Eye View of the Great Depression (2008).

The first Kit’s World book from 2002 (Welcome to Kit’s World 1934, Growing Up During America’s Great Depression). I loved this series that American Girl did – there were so many neat little facts about life during the time of the particular character they were featuring and the photos are so engaging. We have the Felicity one.

In Kit’s Fashion Studio girls can create paper doll fashions for Kit! This set features paper fabrics, stencil sheets, accessory stickers, reusable sticky dots to hold clothing in place, and a Kit paper doll. The design book offers step-by-step instructions to make paper doll clothing inspired by the early 1930s, including a sweater set for school, a pretty party dress, or a cozy pair of pajamas.

While all of these books are technically retired, you can still find them on Amazon and eBay.

And Marjorie sent in this next set of awesome photos! 

Kailey is wearing Kit’s Scooter Outfi: dress, knee socks, yellow sandals, and a hat

McKenna is wearing Kit’s Winter Coat. It came with a beret and mittens

Chrissa is wearing Kit’s Reds Fan Outfit: shirt, jersey, shorts, knee socks, hat, catcher’s mitt, and baseball (no shoes!)

Sonali is wearing Ruthie’s Play Outfit: shirt, short pants, knee socks, saddle shoes, hat

Emily is wearing Kit’s 1934 Swimsuit, bathing cap, and sandals. This outfit came with the umbrella.

Lindsey is wearing Kit’s overalls. This outfit came with the overalls, shirt, and hat. Kit’s Brown Work Boots complete the ensemble.

Lanie is wearing Kit’s Playsuit, which came with shoes, socks, and a hairbow. I thought Lanie would like the bunnies on the suit!

And Felicity is wearing Kit’s pajamas and slippers

What a great looking group!

That was so much fun looking back at Kit and Ruthie’s retired collection! Thanks to all who sent in photos!

Since next Thursday is Valentine’s Day, send in your photos of any of your dolls wearing RETIRED Valentine’s outfits. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK VALENTINE in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.