So let’s just say Thursday got away from me, but Jess is probably the one American Girl GOTY that I regret not buying, so we still have to put her in the spotlight!

From Carol – These are my favorite photos of Jess, showing her versatility….in the first, she’s Singing Bird, Kirsten’s friend…

in the second, she’s looking very sophisticated while modeling my version of AG’s Christmas LE outfit from 2013. 

From Eva K – This is a photo of Jess wearing her two in one kayaking outfit(2006).She is modeling with her kayak and gear(2006). Mag#35 is wearing Jess’s meet outfit and modeling with Jess’s travel accessories(2006). Kit is wearing Jess’s pajamas(2006).Mag#48 is wearing the other part of Jess’s two and one kayaking outfit(2006).

From Madelon – Jess in her meet outfit.


  • April 9 – Retired American Girl items that are PURPLE
  • April 16 – American Girl Josefina and any of her collection since she is a historical character – everything is a throwback
  • April 23 – Retired items that have to do with Earth Day, gardening or exploring the outdoors


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