As we head into winter, let’s take a look at some of the retired American Girl winter coats!

Our Emily in her retired Snow Suit. It is one of my all time favorite items from AG.

Chrissa in her Snow Outfit.

From Molly W. – Kirsten is wearing her red school dress with the coat from her recess set on top.  I actually realized after I took the picture that those skates are not from her collection–oops!  The rest of the outfit is from Kirsten’s collection.

From Elise –  This is Molly in her slicker. I figured since it is featured on the cover of her Winter Story it works as winter wear. I did always wonder though why they never made Molly’s jacket from Molly’s Surprise. Felicity had to be in the picture as well since Molly and Felicity have been together since 1995. Felicity is wearing a cloak made by my aunt way back when.

A close up of Molly’s slicker.

A close up of Molly’s fabulous red boots!

From Paula – Off to the ballet!  Sammy’s cape is from the limited edition Merry Moonlight outfit from 2004 and Nelly is wearing Samantha’s Travel Duster & Hat also from 2004.

From AGSammarie – This is a picture of my MAG #13 that I named Samantha, and ironically I have the original Samantha doll. SO I also have some of her clothing. This is Samantha’s winter coat (I lost the gloves)  and her winter hat, I added her change purse in there.

From Mattie – Here is Mallory (Molly) in the Red Snowflake Outfit. I included it because of the hat. There’s also Chloe (Saige) in the AG Place Chicago winter gear. Lastly Marleigh- Alexis (#39) in the 2007 Velveteen Coat.

From Sharry – Here are my dolls Julie and Lisa (JLY #30) and Danny. Julie is wearing an AG store exclusive quilted jacket, and Lisa is wearing the “Ready for Fun” jacket. And even though it isn’t AG, Danny is wearing a bomber jacket from Happy Fall!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday let’s do something different. Send in a photo of your VERY FIRST DOLL – ANY BRAND!  Please email me the photos by Wednesdays and put THROWBACK FIRST DOLL in the subject line.