It’s after Memorial Day so that must mean the pool is OPEN!! Natalie started summer swim team this week, too, so it is very fitting that we take a look back at some retired American Girl swimwear today!

From Madelon – the 1998 Pleasant Company swimming outfit.

Retired beach accessories that were a store exclusive.

Retired red ruffle swim suit.

The first three photos are from Sarah. McKenna is wearing Jess’s 2-in-1 Kayaking Outfit, and Kanani is wearing her Beach Outfit (accessorized with the flip flops form her Aloha outfit, the bracelet from the 2014 PWP set, and her meet hair clip).

Saige is wearing the 2012 Tankini & Sarong Set, and Mia is wearing the 2010 2-in-1 Surf Swimsuit and also has the matching 2010 Sun & Swim Gear.

Isabelle is wearing an American Girl Place exclusive bikini, and Cecile is wearing Molly’s 1944 Swimsuit (minus the necklace which she doesn’t like very much).

The next four photos are from Molly M – Kit enjoys cooling off with her swimsuit, beach chair, and umbrella. Ruthie is wearing a custom swimsuit by moi so she can join in the fun before she retires.

Molly and Emily head for the beach with an Adirondack chair, beach ball and towel. Molly catches some rays, but Emily being a fair-skinned Brit knows to shade herself with a straw hat.

Jess and Kanani chill under the palm tree in Jess’ bikini and wetsuit 2-in-1 outfit, while Ivy gets in on the fun with her face-twins wearing a custom racing swimsuit I made out of an old umbrella for the last Olympics.

Marie-Grace and Jaya (a custom Cecile) hang out in the retired 2-in-1 Beach Outfit.

The next four photos are from Heather H – Lindsey is wearing the swimming outfit from 2000.

I don’t own Kailey (Girl of the year 2003) so Miranda and Katie are wearing her bikini and wetsuit.

Lily is wearing the ruffled tankini from 2002.

Addy and Kirsten are wearing the 2 in 1 swimwear from 2008.

The next three are from Stephanie – First is Nicki and Violet (JLY #4) wearing Molly’s and Emily’s swimwear.  

Next is Jessica (Gotz, Precious Day Girls) wearing Kanani’s Beach Outfit.  The surfboard is from the Sand and Surf Set.


Last is Samantha and Violet comparing swimwear from 1904 and now.  Vi is wearing the Ruffled Swimsuit.  Samantha is wearing the second version of her bathing dress.

From Sydney – This is my JLY 59 doll named Sydney wearing Kanani’s beach outfit, GOTY 2011, retired.

From Bella – This is Kailey, girl of the year 2003/2004 in her retired bathing suit.

From Shelby-Grace: Molly is modeling her 1944 swimsuit. I just love the adorable shell necklace that came with it and the ruffled edge of the suit!

From Gabby – Kanani’s retired swimsuit.

For next week’s Throwback Thursday post, the theme will be retired Bitty Baby or Bitty Twins.  You can send in photos of retired Bitty Baby or Bitty Twins, their outfits, furniture or accessories. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK BITTY in the subject line of your email to me at