Summer is here and we are enjoying the warmer days. For today’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking a look at some retired American Girl Summer Dresses.

Submitted by Tara Lynn (a.k.a. Buterflycandy) Here is my Mia wearing the 1998 Birthday Celebration Fruit Dress.  I love the little purple jelly shoes that were very popular at the time.  It was made by Pleasant Company.

From Sarah Kate – Here is Saige modeling the Periwinkle Dress from 2000. It was retired in 2003. It came with a dress, hat, sandals, necklace, and sandals. This has always been one of my all-time favorite outfits. When I was younger, I had the girl’s dress to match.

Also from Sarah Kate – Here is Saige modeling the Poolside Plaid outfit from 2000. It was also retired in 2003. It came with a t-shirt, jumper, sandals, and 3 hair clips. Let me just say that while the outfit is very cute, these shoes are my least favorite AG shoes that I have ever encountered. Not only are they not terribly pretty, but they fall right off, making them impossible to really use or play with. Not AG’s best design.

From Sarah – Chrissa wearing the retired zebra print American Girl sundress.

From Hannah – Here is Mia is also modeling the “Poolside Plaid Outfit” which came out in 2000. It retired in 2003. The dresses’ plaid is really pretty mix of purples, yellows, and blues and a hint of green! It came with three hair clips. The purple slide sandals are cute, but definitely fall off easily. I can see why AG started putting the clear back straps on.

Throwback Thursday is going to take a break for a few weeks as I know I will be traveling next Thursday. I will post a call for new Throwback photos in a few weeks. Meanwhile, if you have any requests for Throwback Thursday categories please leave them in the comments below.