Back by popular demand, it is Throwback Thursday!! In celebration of the new school year we are taking a look back at retired American Girl school accessories including those from the Historical, GOTY and MyAG lines.

American Girl retired Backpack

Our first American Girl – retired AG #3, Nicole is at her locker (made last week by Natalie) and is getting ready to put her backpack from 2008 away.

American Girl retired Backpack

This backpack is great and even has pockets and a clip inside. Plenty of room for all of Nicole’s folders and books.

American Girl retired Backpack

She puts her three-ring binder on the top shelf in her locker and hangs up her backpack on the hook before she grabs her composition book (not from this set).

From Zoe – McKenna Kit and Josie #24 are showing you they’re retired backpacks. McKenna’s backpack is from her accessories that are retired. Kit’s backpack is retired from 2004. And Josie is showing you the backpack from the 2011 school backpack set.

From Nina – This is the School Backpack from the MyAG line. It was introduced in 2011 and retired this year. I consists of a pink notebook, three mechanical pencils (one is shown), a science textbook, a water bottle, and a backpack.

Madelon gives us a closer look at the 2011 Backpack Set and its contents. The desk is from the 1996 computer desk set!

Madelon also has the 2006 Computer – the one you see in so many of our photos, too. It also came with a mouse and a blue CPU with disks (not sure where ours is).

From Jessica R – Samantha is ready for back to school! She has the retired American Girl Samantha’s school set.

Sewbig has the 1996 Computer Desk and Chair and the Mini Macintosh computer. OH. SO. COOL!

Another look at the 1996 Computer Desk and Chair and Mini Macintosh in the science lab from Sewbig.

From Alisha C.– Here is a photo I took back in 2010 of Elsie studying the children’s reader that was a part of Kirsten’s Slate Bag & Supplies set, which I’m pretty sure debuted right along with Kirsten back in 1986! Going by their time periods, Elsie is just a little older than Kirsten so I’m sure Kirsten’s reader suits her just fine.

The last few photos are from Diana. The doll school desk and mini Macintosh again – from 1996.

The school art desk (drafting table) also from 1996.

And what a great collection of backpacks and school bags!! From top to bottom – on the desk the 2006 Backpack Set and the recently retired 2011 Backpack Set. On the ground Lanie’s laptop and messenger bag, the reversible school bag, and Lindsey’s laptop and bag.

From Molly – Kirsten with her school dress/shawl, school supplies (most of it is in her school bag), Aesop’s Fables book (which I actually discovered is part of her nighttime accessories–oops!), and school bench set, which included the water bucket and ladle.

OK! That was a fun look back at some really neat back to school items in the American Girl archives! Thanks to all who sent in photos. If you have photos and forgot to send them in – post them on Facebook or Instagram and tag us.

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