Happy Thursday! Oh, this week’s Throwback Thursday is just so much fun!! We are looking back at some of the retired pets and their sets.

American Girl Coconut and Licorice

We will start off with our Coconut and Licorice hanging out in their new house. I found their house on clearance at Target for $7 – it was in the storage/organization area and would be perfect for mini dolls too. Coconut in the Sleepover Accessories bed from 2004. He is wearing the Coconut jacket the hat is by his bedside – also from 2004. Licorice was introduced in 2003 and was retired in 2008. Megan actually won this Licorice at an American Girl Fashion Show event when she was about 5.

From Heather –  I have an old version of Coconut who is very heavy, like a paperweight and does not have a magnetic mouth. He is wearing the cupid Coconut Valentines day headband from 2001 and carrying a Valentines day card.  Carlie is also wearing an outfit from 2001 (one of my very favorites) which is a school outfit called Flower Power.

From Julia – This is Praline, retired in 2012. She is a bit damaged as she came from a secondhand AG store.

From Tony – Jane is happy that Spring is almost here! She took her pet lamb, Posie, for a walk in the park. Posie is from Felicity’s collection and retired in 2009.

From Mia– here is the retired  cat Praline. Praline has a wired tail so you can move it in different ways. I received Praline as a Christmas present in 2011.

The next group of photos are from Sarah who says:

The pets are some of my very favorite AG things! I have a complete collection of all of the pets & their accessories now (except for revised sets)! Most things I got as they came out when I was a child, but a few I’ve had to go back and pick up on eBay. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

My Retired Historical Pets: Samantha’s Dog, Jip (2004-2008), Kirsten’s Kittens (1st version, 1987-2000), and Felicity’s Lamb, Posie (1992-2009).

My Retired Girl of the Year Pets: Kailey’s dog, Sandy (2003-2004), Lanie’s Bunny, Lulu (2010), Chrissa’s Lllama, Starburst (2009), Kanani’s Monk Seal (2011), Kanani’s Dog, Barksee (2011), McKenna’s Dog, Cooper (2012), and Saige’s Dog, Rembrant (2013).

My Retired MyAG Pets: Ginger (2009-2012), Praline (2010-2012), Sugar (2009-2012), and Toasty (2011-2012)

Retired Dog Beds: Original bed that Coconut came with (2000), Doghouse (1st version, 2001-2004), Sleepover Accessories (2004-2006), Sweet Dreams Pet Bed (2009-2011), and Cozy Comfy Pet Bed (2011-2013).

Retired Cat Beds: Original bed that Licorice came with (2003-2008), Licorice’s Play Tower (2005-2008), and Licorice’s Dream Accessories (2005-2006).

Retired Collars: Coconut’s Collar – 1st Version (2001-2004), Coconut’s Collar – 2nd Version (2004-2008), and Licorice’s Collar – 1st Version (2003-2008).

Retired Valentine’s Day and Easter Sets: Valentine Accessories (2001-2003), Cupid Accessories (2003-2005), Best Friends Accessories (2004-2006), and Egg Hunt Accessories (2003-2004).

I just wanted to show how the locket from the Valentine Accessories opens up to an adorable tiny picture of Coconut!

Retired Summer Sets: Gardening Accessories (2002-2005), Beachside Accessories (2003-2006), and Coconut’s Seaside Friends Set (2005-2007).

Retired Halloween/Dress-Up Sets: Kitty Costume (2002-2006), Coconut’s Chariot (2004-2006), Tambourine Set (2003-2005), and Coconut’s Horse Lover Accessories (2005-2008).

Retired Christmas/Winter Sets: Coconut’s Christmas Accessories (2001-2003), Holiday Accessories (2003-2005), Best Friends Holiday Set (2005-2006), and Snowy Fun Pet Set (2009-2012).

Baking Accessories (2002-2005), Spa Accessories (2002-2004), and Birthday Accessories (2003-2005).

Retired Sports Sets: Coconut’s Snowboard Gear (2004-2006), Licorice’s Tennis Accessories (2005-2007), Rinkside Accessories (2006-2008), and Coconut’s Agility Set (2004-2005).

Jacket and Cap Set (Matching Set for doll & pet, 2004-2005), Pet Show Set (2010-2012), and Pet Rain Gear (2010-2012).

Coconut’s Travel Carrier (1st Version, 2003-2008)

American Girl Place Exclusive Sets: American Girl Place Los Angeles Swim Skirt and Surf Board (2006), American Girl Place Chicago Coconut Collar (2002-2008), Coconut Souvenir T-Shirt & Cap (2002-2008), American Girl Place New York Statue of Liberty (2007ish), and Pet Hat and Bandana (2009ish).

Bonus Picture of Mini Coconut! He came in the AGP Sweet Dreams Accessory Set (2012-2013). I picked my set up during Cyber Monday last year!

The next set of photos are from Madelon.

GOTY Nicki’s dog Sprocket from 2006.

GOTY McKenna’s dog Cooper from 2012.

Toasty Pet Set from 2011

2009 GOTY Kanani’s Hawaiian Monk Seal

Sandy from the 2003 GOTY Kailey collection

Chocolate Chip from the 2011 release. It was discontinued and re-released as part of the Service Dog set.

Ginger the cat from 2009

From 2009 GOTY Chrissa’s collection – Starburst the Llama.

Sugar from 2009

Samantha’s dog Jip who was retired in 2007. I wonder if Jip will be reintroduced when Samantha is released again this fall.

WOW.WOW.BOW.MEOW! What a fabulous Throwback Thursday this has been!

Next week’s Throwback Thursday spotlight is going to be on Josefina. Ideally we would love to see retired Josefina outfits and accessories, however, since next Wednesday is her birthday, you may send in ANY Josefina photos. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK JOSEFINA in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.