American Girl seems to have changed what they call their “look alike” dolls almost as much as they have changed up their meet outfits. Today we are looking at the retired meet outfits for the “Today Girl,” “Just Like You” or “My AG” dolls.

We have a really neat look back through American Girl history today – thanks to everyone for sending in these amazing photos! This actually a TWO part post today – Part 1 is 1995-2004 and Part 2 covers 2006-2010. It looks like the only one we are missing is the 1998 meet outfit which is the red vinyl jumper.

1995 Mix and Match Outfit

From Erica W – Sally in the very first meet outfit (and the outfit she came in) and accessories from 1995.

From Rachael – Felicity in the First Day outfit.

1996 First Day Outfit

From Sarah Kate – This is Felicity in the Meet Outfit from 1996 (the second meet outfit made). It comes with stretch velour pants, a striped t-shirt, a fleece jacket, turquoise socks, black flats, magenta underwear, and a hair scrunchie. This outfit could also be purchased separately for $20 and was called the “First Day Outfit,” however the black flats were for some reason not included if the outfit was purchased separately, which is why I don’t have them.

From Erica W – Mai Lee in the First Day outfit and accessories from 1996.

From Rachael – Molly showing off the First Day outfit.

2000 Urban Outfit

From Erica W – Kendra in the Urban Outfit from 2000 which I don’t have the accessories for.

From Rachael – Josefina in the Urban Outfit with Molly and Kit.

From Hannah – Hallie is my first American Girl doll. And first American Girl Today #7. She is modeling the Urban Outfit which came out in 2000. I got Hallie Lynne in 2002. This was the outfit out at that time. The outfit comes with a gray striped henley shirt and a vest which reverses to navy. This outfit is prime quality everything is great. The shoes are some of the best shoes AG has ever come out with.

2002 Go Anywhere Outfit

From Janet – From left to right, Filumena (My AG 23) is wearing the Real Me Outfit from 2010; Chrissa is wearing the Star Hoodie Outfit from 2008; Lanie is wearing the Go Anywhere Outfit from 2002.

Natalie’s newest AG doll, #57 April, is modeling the 2002 Go Anywhere outfit, too. I bought this outfit on big time sale from AG after it was retired. As a result, the outfit did not come with the boots or the jacket. The purse is from the accessories set that goes with the outfit.

2004 Ready for Fun Outfit

From Toby – McKenna modeling the 2004 Ready for Fun meet outfit.

From Hannah – Arista (#22) is modeling the “Ready For Fun” outfit that came out in 2004. Arista Brielle was my second American Girl Today doll (3rd doll I got). I got her in August 2006 just before they retired this. I love the quality of this and the colors!

From Hannah – the socks that came with it.

And we will wrap up Part 1 of today’s Throwback Thursday with a look at Megan’s first AG doll, Nicole (retired #3) wearing her original outfit complete with the bag from her meet accessories and her best friend Coconut.

Be sure to check out Part 2 for the meet outfits from 2006 through 2010. Thank you so much for helping us capture this wonderful look back in time!