There is something so cozy about putting on a hoodie on a cool fall morning – thus the theme of retired American Girl Hoodies for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Our Emily and Callie. Emily is wearing one of my all time favorite outfits – Kickin’ Back from 2006 and Callie is wearing the Licorice Play outfit from 2007.

From Marjorie: On McKenna–Cargo Outfit 1999; On Lindsey–Her outfit 2001; On Kaya–Ready for Fun 2004; On Kit–Star Hoodie Outfit 2008; On Felicity–Nicki’s Ski Outfit 2007; On Jess–Outdoor Play Outfit 2009; On Lanie–Skateboard Outfit 2008; On Kailey–Adventure Outfit 2007; On Marisol–Island Vacation Outfit 2007; On Mia–A T-shirt and hoodie from American Girl Place Chicago; On Julie–Kickin’ Back Outfit 2006; On Chrissa–Her Swim Team Outfit 2009; On Sonali–Innerstar U Outfit 2010

From Sewbig – This is my custom Addy wearing the “Seaside Wardrobe” swimsuit and hooded cover-up from 2005.

And, here’s the hoodie and skirt from the same “Seaside Wardrobe” outfit.

And this is the “American Girl Club Hooded Tee Outfit for Dolls” (2006).  This was available for purchase by club members only for $26.00.

From Leigh – Cassidy in  the Just Like You Meet Outfit (Retired in 2006).

From Kristen L.~ K2 is wearing the Raspberry Hoodie, Molly is wearing the Star Flower Dress, Saige is wearing the Star Hoodie Outfit, and Kanani in the Island Vacation Outfit.

From Sarah – Here is Jenny (modern MG) wearing the shirt and windbreaker that came with the 1998 Hiking Outfit, which was retired in 2003. She is also sporting the shorts from the 2009 Outdoor Play Outfit and Molly’s Dude Ranch Boots.

From Madelon – Two friends in their hoodies.

From Diane – As we were walking into the thrift store on Tuesday, my friend was telling me that Throwback Thursday on Doll Diaries was hoodies.  I told her I didn’t have any hoodies that I didn’t make myself.  The first thing I saw on the doll aisle was an Our Generation doll wearing this adorable AG hoodie.  It was fate!  This is the 2009 Petal Hoodie.  I don’t have the grey sweats or the shoes that came with it since the doll was wearing another pair of AG pants (that I haven’t identified yet).  The pants Lanie is wearing are some I made from the Liberty Jane yoga pants pattern.

The next set of photos are from Hannah. Arista (#22) wearing the Logo sweat shirt which was released in September 2007. It is great quality and the color is beautiful! Arista really stands out in it!  

The applique on the hood.

Ivy is modeling my favorite yoga outfit that American Girl ever introduced! It is the Warm Up outfit which came out in spring 2003. This has a very pretty combo of colors.

Again utmost quality! I love how the hood is tie dye just like the tank top!

The last one is is the Kickin’ Back Outfit! Hallie (#7) is modeling it. This came out in 2006. Also a very pretty outfit!

This outfit is a great one for transitional weather like right now fall is here, but there are still some warmer days and cool nights.

This next set are from Rachael:

Felicity and Kailey are modeling the Cargo Outfit and the Urban Outfit, respectively. With all of the many layers (t-shirt, flannel shirt, and sweatshirt) Felicity was complaining about the bulkiness, but in the end she agreed to have her photo taken! Kailey loves the Urban Outfit, especially the fact that the cute vest is reversible!
Next, Molly is modeling the first version of the Yoga Outfit. The colors really look great on her!
Kit wanted to send in an older photo of her wearing the first version of the Camping Outfit with the adorable blue hooded windbreaker. You can’t really see the hood in this picture, but she promises it’s here!!
Finally, Felicity got another photo in from last winter of her modeling the Terrific Tubing Outfit. I have got to say that this is one of my favorites. So cute, and so much play value!!

Thanks to all who sent photos in today! For next week the theme is going to be ACCESSORIES FROM FELICITY & ELIZABETH’S COLLECTION! Yes, any accessories from Felicity and Elizabeth’s collection. Dolls may appear in the photo as well. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK COLONIAL in the subject line of your email to me at