We have featured retired American Girl pets in the past and since there are so many cats and dogs, that is what we usually see when we ask for pets. This week I wanted to look at American Girl pets that are NOT cats or dogs.

From Madelon – Our Journey Girl rides Picasso.

Also from Madelon – Chrissa, Gwen and Starburst the llama.

From Tea Time with Melody Q – With the help of her sisters, Melody gathered our exotic pets and was able to pose quickly before they could hop or waddle away. We have Starburst (2009 Chrissa), Nutmeg (Julie), Lulu (2010 Lanie), Malana (2011 Kanani), ducklings (2006 Hopscotch Hill School), and Razzi (2006 Hopscotch Hill School).

From Sarah – Felicity enjoying one of her favorite hobbies, taking penny out for a ride. Felicity is one of her favorite outfit her ridding outfit. Get to know more about felicity in one of our newest blog posts.  http://americangirlsisters.blogspot.com/2015/05/get-to-know-felicity.html

From M – Here’s a photo of Lanie’s bunny Lulu in a play pen I made for her. She was part of Lanie’s Accessories and retired with GOTY Lanie at the end of 2010. The carrots are craft foam cut into carrot shapes and glued together. The playpen is a decorative carrier with the handle removed, green craft foam glued down, and flowers die-cut from craft foam glued on. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

From Sue & Sarah.

Thanks to all who sent in photos! 


  • June 25 – Retired AG GOTY Chrissa and her friends Gwen & Sonali
  • July 2 – Retired Patriotic/Parade outfits & accessories
  • July 9 – American Girl Addy  – retired or currently available items from her collection
  • July 16 – Retired doll beds and bedroom furniture (any brand)


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