This week we are looking at retired American Girl of the Year Jess from 2006. We went to AGPNY in August of 2006 and now I really wish we would have bought Jess or at least some of her collection while we were there. You can see some of the photos in the Throwback Jess post we did last year.

From Molly M – Jess, Lanie, Kanani, and McKenna are ready to explore Belize!

?From Liberty– Jess was my first American Girl doll. I got her when I was eight and she is very special to me. I’m 14 now and I still love her as much as the Christmas day I got her. I just recently gave her freckles using the washable marker method, and now she totally looks like me. Jess is such a beautiful doll, if you look at her hair in the sunlight you can see red highlights in her hair, as in the book her dad was Irish. I just love my Jess so much and I could go on and on about all the things I have in common with her, but I won’t for the sake of poor Char.Β 

Madelon’s Jess

From Vivian – This is my Jess doll, I purchased her off of ebay in 2012. She was in TLC condition when I bought her, she had a lazy eye and an apparently failed downy dunk done on her hair. She’s been to the doll hospital since then and is now good as new! Jess came with her tree swing and skirt but not the rest of her meet outfit. Her swimsuit top I got at a garage sale for free, the owner had accidentally sold the bottom in a lot of clothes! Someday I hope to buy the missing pieces for her meet outfit and swimsuit!

Another photo of Vivian’s Jess.

Thanks to those who sent in photos!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday, let’s get PATRIOTIC and celebrate the USA! Send in photos of your RETIRED red, white and blue outfits from American Girl, Barbie, or other major doll brand; parade gear; backyard picnic gear and the like. If you aren’t sure if the photo is right or not, just send it in. I will let you know if it is not. Put THROWBACK PATRIOTIC in the subject line and email it to me at