Happy almost July 4th! We started celebrating Independence Day last weekend by going to our local fireworks celebration and I know there are others this weekend. For this week’s Throwback Thursday post we are taking a look at retired red, white and blue doll outfits and accessories.

From Heather H – Here is Kirsten and Carlie wearing the outfits the actors wore when the American Girl store in Chicago had a theater where you could see the American Girl’s Revue and Circle of Friends musical. In 2008, the Chicago AG store moved across the street and there is no longer a theater. These outfits are from the American Girl’s Revue. (Note from Char – this totally made my day!! These are definitely RARE outfits and I am so glad you sent them in!!)

From Paris – My Doll Jane Is Modeling The Retired Sea Breeze Outfit From 2011

From the Doll Mag – This is our doll Isabella wearing the Beachside Outfit that was released in 2003 and retired in 2006, showing off her patriotic spirit! It comes with plenty of accessories like matching sunglasses and an oversized hair-bow that are not shown in the picture. Izzy’s dog Coconut wanted to join in on the fun, and is modeling the Beachside Accessories set that was also retired in 2006. 

Patriotic Picnic….Bitty Baby in retired meet sleepers, Lindsey, Kit in her retired school dress, Kirsten in her prairie dress and meet apron, Kirsten in her summer dress, Sweet Sue in shorts outfit from Joannes…..all Red, White and Blue! from Linda G

From Rachael –  Addy dug out her old red dress for the Fourth of July and wanted to send in a photo. It’s her first doll diaries submission, as she is the newest member of my doll family!

Rahel (who is retired) says have great day! She is wearing a retired blue and white Briarberry dress and a red skirt. Thanks, Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Madelon – Four friends go barefoot in the park in patriotic retired Dollie and Me clothes.

Also from Madelon – Chrissa, MyAG 61 and Ruthie in retired AG outfits.

From Shelby-Grace: My retired red-white-and-blue outfits are from Molly and Emily’s collection! From left to right: Molly is wearing her Miss Victory Costume, Kirsten is wearing Molly’s Skating Outfit, and Felicity is wearing Emily’s Pajamas.

A closer view of Molly and Kirsten’s outfits. (The skates are not the ones from Molly’s set, they’re retired MyAG skates) I just love the detail they put into both outfits, especially the miniature tap shoes!

A better look at Emily’s pajamas. The red-white-and-blue theme is more subtle in this outfit, but the theme is still there. I love the real, working buttons that AG added to the pajamas, the details are what I think makes American Girl clothes so special 🙂

Thanks to all who sent in photos!!!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday let’s take a look at RETIRED items from Kit and Ruthie’s collection. Please put THROWBACK KIT AND RUTHIE in the subject line and email your photos to me at share@dolldiaries.com.