I am so excited that today’s Throwback Thursday includes photos from three readers in addition to myself. Over the years the Pleasant Company and American Girl have produced so many beautiful doll outfits and it really is a lot of fun to revisit them from time to time. 

Classic American Girl

This first set of photos is from Lena and features the first Pleasant Company Meet outfit from 1995 and the 1996 School Jumper.

Classic American Girl

The magenta overload outfit Mara (McKenna) is wearing is the first ever meet outfit from 1995. I LOVE that you can mix and match so many options. The vest is reversible  and the shirts are separate  so you can wear one without the other. The early outfits were amazing like this.

American Girl meet outfit 1995

Awww, looks so cute on Mara!

American Girl School Jumper 1996

The grey one Sonali is wearing is the School Jumper from 1996. I adore this outfit. It feels like it never really went out of style (I own a jumper like this from myself) and the neutral color makes the dress go with everything.

Pleasant Company School Jumper

This just looks fantastic on Sonali!

Christina found a second hand Pleasant Company Samantha’s Carriage.  The doll carriage is pristine and came in the original Pleasant Company box!!!

Addy thinks the carriage is perfect for her dolls!  Teddy and Ida Bean like going for a ride together too.

Bitty Twins

From Hannah we have the original Bitty Twins from 2002!  The boy she found at a consignment shop and the girl she got off eBay. They are wearing the “Sunday Best” outfits from 2004 which she also got from eBay.

Bitty Twins

How sweet are they? And of course,we love it when cats get in our photos!

Christmas 2011 – Ivy is wearing a beautiful dress from 2003 called “Radiant Rhinestones outfit,”  Arista is wearing  a gorgeous dress from 2007 called “Midnight Holly Outfit”  which came fur thing that went around the neck, but Hannah couldn’t find it at the time this was taken.  Mia is wearing the “Chocolate Cherry outfit” from 2005. Enjoy!! I’ll send more as I find /take more pics!

Samantha Grecian Princess

My Samantha has swapped out her Snow White costume for the retired 2004 Grecian Princess outfit and a Trick or Treat bag our Personal Shopper at American Girl Place New York gave us in 200 or 2006.

The sun was too bright this morning to get good outdoor photos, but we tried. Of course, our cat (that adopted us) Rocky had to get in the picture and actually knocked Samantha off the table – luckily I caught her before she hit the ground.

If you have photos of your dolls wearing retired outfits or any retired finds, email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com.