As American Girl Molly and Emily head into the archives, I thought it would be fun to do yet another Throwback Thursday featuring these two.

One of our readers, Molly M, has almost the entire Molly and Emily collection – the first 13 photos are from her. Thank you so much Molly!!

Molly’s full collection – you can see quite a few of Molly and Emily’s items.

Molly and Emily in their meet outfits.

Addy hanging out in Molly’s school outfit with both of her desk and lunch sets.

The holiday dresses and accessories.

Kirsten celebrating Molly’s birthday!

Kit, Ruthie and Marie Grace showing off Molly’s camping gear and swim suits.

Molly’s Halloween set, Raincoat and Afterschool outfit.

Kanani and Jess look fabulous in Emily and Molly’s winter outfits.

Cecile and a Bitty Twin are showing off the tap outfits and theater seats.

Ivy, Kaya and Julie are having a great time on vacation in Molly’s outfits. Ivy is wearing the Dude Ranch outfit, Kaya has her rollerskating outfit on and Julie has on the Route 66 outfit.

Emily and Molly’s Recital outfits.

Molly’s bike (ahhhh so cute!)

And finally some of the limited edition outfits – Molly’s Aviation Outfit, Victory Garden Dress and Tennis Outfit.


From Heather – I don’t have Emily, so Kit wore Molly’s old school dress and baked a wonderful breakfast for her in honor of her retirement. Farewell Molly! I will miss you SO much!

From Kristen L.- In this collage, you can see Molly’s Accessories, Molly’s Pajamas (Kanani), Molly’s Skating Outfit (Molly), Emily’s Holiday Outfit (Saige), Molly’s Lunchbox, Molly & Emily’s books, Molly’s Art and Cooking Studio books, mini Molly and mini Emily dolls, and part of Molly’s meet outfit. (Sweater is missing.)

From Lauren G.- Here is my Emily doll. I got her last month, and she is in her meet outfit. Her accessories are in this picture,too. They include a scrapbook, a cardigan, a three cent pence, and a necklace. (Which she is wearing.) Personally, I really love Emily. I love her hair,  which I think is a unique color and length. She is a really pretty doll and I love her so much.

From The Dolly Trolley – I got this Molly mini doll at the American Girl Place San Francisco about a month ago. She comes with glasses and an adorable book. I glad that historical mini dolls don’t retire!

From Molly W – Here is Emmy in her purple holiday dress.  She is also wearing the socks, necklace, and hair bow that came with the set.  The shoes are not part of Emily and Molly’s collection.

From Molly W – Emily is wearing her “meet outfit”, which included the red socks.  Once again, these are not the shoes she came with.  The real ones are black t-strap shoes that I was too lazy to look for.  The hat is something I sewed, so not part of her collection either.  Also shown is her dog Yank (who I got for Christmas yesterday ;)) and her accessories: the scrapbook, ration book, photographs, and although you can’t see it in the picture, she is holding her three pence coin.  She is sitting on Molly’s Yellow Bed.

Thanks everyone for sending in photos!

For next week the theme is going to be retired American Girl ice skating outfits! You may send in photos of any retired American Girl doll ice skates, skating sets, or accessories – historical, Girl of the Year or MyAG. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK ICE SKATES in the subject line of your email to me at