Since we are having so much fun with the mini dolls this week, it is the perfect opportunity to take a look at some retired mini dolls!

From Kristen L.– These are the 25th Anniversary American Girl Mini Dolls.
Each month introduced a new mini doll. I have Samantha, Kaya, and Marie-Grace.

From Angie ( : These are all my retired mini dolls (left to right). Felicity, a pleasent company mini doll with glass eyes completed with some cute little mini grid pins. Saige, but I left her at the lake on accident, so I decided to just show her box. Molly, is also pre-Mattel with glass eyes, but her other half of her box is in the back of the attic.

From Linda – Throwback Thursday Mini Dolls Most of these are Madame Alexander Dolls from McDonalds, dated 2002 through 2010. I have many more including the whole set of Wizard of Oz, deep in a closet. The top middle doll is a Vogue Ginny doll dated 1977. Next to her are Spock and two other Star Trek dolls.  The other non Madame Alexander doll is a Fisher Price doll dated 1979.

I found this Polly Pocket set at a flea market for only 25c a couple weeks ago! Sadly the dolls are missing but it still brings back great memories of the sets my younger sister and I used to have. This particular set is “Polly’s Dinner Party” and was made in 1994. It originally had 3 dolls, and lit up when opened. ~Autumn

From Tony – Felicity’s doll, Susannah Maria Augusta Eliza Lucy Louise, is getting ready to have her morning strawberries. She is the 2nd version and was retired in 2009.

From Fawn – Both troll dolls are from the early 1960’s. The one with the orange hair is a DAM, 2″ tall, and belongs to my husband.
The one with the white hair is mine. It is a Wishnik.

Also from Fawn – The little girl is a Betsy McCall from the late 50s or early 60s. She is 6″ tall, has jointed knees, a rooted wig and sleepy eyes.
I wish I knew where to get her a new pair of shoes. (Note from Char – try – they have everything for vintage dolls!)

Thank to my Grandma for sending me these pictures! The photo below is of my great grandparents wedding cake topper dolls! These dolls are from the 1930’s-1940’s. I’m not exactly sure what year they’re from as they look very old but my great grandparents were married in 1940. The little baby dolls below, are my grandma’s from when she was young. I’m not sure what brand they are but they say “Japan” on the back and are full dolls under the blankets. If have anyone has any info on the baby dolls, it would be greatly appreciated!  -Vivian

The next few are from Madelon – I don’t know much about this cutie. Does anyone know who she is?

Mini Saige from Madelon

Mini Saige ready to ride!

Madame Alexander Cowardly Lion and Barbie Kelly Easter.

Retired Addy Mini

Mini Saige as Dorothy with the Scarecrow and Lion.

I’m Waffle and I have the retired Mini doll Samantha with all six books and a tiny book for my Samantha.

Thanks to all who sent in photos! They are all just so mini-rific!!

For next week, let’s take another look at retired American Girl of the Year 2006 Jess (I really wish we would have bought her when we were at AG in 2006). Send photos of Jess and any of her collection to me at share@dolldiaries. com. Please put THROWBACK JESS in the subject line so I can find your email.